Praise for Gina Silvestri's COACHING Service 



Since working with Gina, I’ve had quantum leaps in creating my business MY WAY. She showed me how to structure my message and services in a way that totally supported my whole lifestyle, as well as my heart.

Gina has an incredible ability to lift her clients to a whole new level in both their business and personal lives. She has an unparalleled gift of drawing out the sleeping genius in a woman and nourishing, cultivating and challenging her to become the very best version of herself, no-compromise.

I highly recommend Gina if you are looking for FAST results while receiving and becoming the Queen in every area of your life.  

Angie Renick-Hayes, Woman, Wife & Mother of 8


I doubled my income + had my first $20,000. month working with Gina!

After my 4 hour intensive with Gina, I could already tell that choosing to invest in a coaching package with her is one of the best gifts I've ever given myself.

Gina is so warm and loving. She held the space for me so beautifully. I was able to open up and allow some deep heavy truths to emerge. As a sensitive intuitive, I would not open up that deeply with someone unless my inner senses knew I was completely safe.

During our session, I was reminded how vital it is to have someone to support me, encourage me, and help me connect deeply with what I really want in my business and in my life, my truth! I had become so focused on the day to day workings of my healing practice that I forgot about the bigger picture.

I feel so encouraged after our session and immediately implemented some of the changes we discussed. I feel so much lighter and we have only just begun. YAY! Thank you Gina."

Erika Alaura, Intuitive Healer & Medium at


Our session was ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I'm excited now that I'll be receiving your regular emails, and I can't wait to talk to you again.

Chanel Ellis


I am a super driven and competent person who prides myself on taking care of myself + my business. With Gina's support, I have really thrived. Her guidance to me has been invaluable. I am inspired and feel like I'm living on purpose! It wouldn't have been as easy without her. Thank you Gina for shining your light so bright and holding space for me as I follow my bliss.

Chetana Karla Shakti (Karla Sutherland), Medical Intuitive, Certified Ayurveda Practitioner & Owner/ Operator/ Yoga Teacher, Massage & Energy Medicine Therapist at Grateful Surf Yoga & Ayurveda

I just finished my 4-hour intensive session with Gina and I am feeling lighter and brighter than I have felt in years.

It was so much more than I expected and I'm amazed by how intuitive Gina is. The process was simple and easy, yet brilliant and life-changing at the same time. 

I am so grateful that I took this step and I'm beyond excited to see where the process will lead. Best investment I have made in "ME" ever!

Michelle Bandemer, Superstar Director at Scentsy



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Let me just tell ya, Gina Silvestri ROCKS! We have so much fun together, and I recommend her as a Money Coach and a Body Image Coach and an 'Everything' Coach! Her energy alone lifts you up to a Higher Love! 

Donna Kay Faulkner, International Speaker, MTV-Celebrated Singer & Songwriter


I had an amazing call with Gina Today, where she revealed some basic yet core concepts which I was overlooking and therefore stuck in, creating a pattern of doubt.

She helped me connect with my inner power once again.

Working non-stop on my business sometimes connects me from 'feeling' things.

It puts me in over-thinking mode.

Gina reminded me how important it is to balance my desires and goals, so I could keep moving forward.

I can't wait for our next call :)

Tanuja Dabir, Owner at

Before signing up with Gina, I was selling one hour sessions for $225, exchanging dollars for hours. While working with Gina I sold four $10,000. packages in four hours!

I started out unhappy and miserable ang living with a heavy heart, but Ginas's wisdom and guidance helped me identify the blocks so I could stand in my happy authenticity as a Psychic and Director of My New Age Academy.

Gina challenged me to get down and dirty with clarity and my own desires that I was somehow unable to see. I feel happy, excited, and relieved in Knowing what I want and who I want to serve!

Without Gina, I would still be searching for the missing pieces. I am happy to be discovering and applying these newly found pieces that I was over-looking, and standing in a new and better version of myself and my success!

Sharon Renae, Psychic/Director at



Working with Gina has been and continues to be an amazing experience and unfolding. The financial investment I made in working with her was the best investment I made for myself and far outproduced any other business course I took or business tool I purchased. She is deeply intuitive and is an expert at working with energy and because the universal law of vibration works for all of us, you are guaranteed success with her as a mentor.

Within three weeks of my intensive with Gina, I had a sales week that made me more than my previous 6 months. Within one month, I closed my biggest deal of all time in my business.  Gina gives you tools necessary to help raise your vibration to such a level that money just begins to flow effortlessly, no more pushing or pulling against things. If you get off course, she is there to get you back to a place where you are in your flow.

I can’t thank Gina enough for the gift she has given me and I feel so much more relaxed in my business. Knowing that through her work with me, I framework to work with my highest energy helps me continue operate in my highest vibration and attract clients and new ideas. I can’t recommend her enough if you are feeling stuck in your business in anyway. Don’t let your doubts or fears stop you from taking the next step and booking an intensive with Gina! Your elevated success awaits you on the other side. 

Laura Artuso, Eccolo Media Founder

Jenn McLean.jpg

Jenn McLean,

Jennifer McLean Creative Services 


Gina is a light in this world. We all have a voice inside of us ready with the answers, and she will empower you to reconnect with and trust that voice by healing whatever trauma or blocks you’re holding on to. She is warm, nurturing, and insightful, and helps you to see the humor and gifts in even the most emotionally charged moments. Working with Gina has completely changed my life for the better. I highly recommend her to anyone who is struggling to overcome their limiting self beliefs and live the life of their dreams.

Gina is a special individual put on this planet to do what she's doing. Gina's THIRST for knowledge and generosity of spirit are a powerful combination because she always has something though-provoking and insightful to lead you with!

With Gina's help and the deep questions she asks, I have been able to move through situations in which I was previously stuck. My dreams were on hold and I put myself last on my list of priorities. But Gina helped order my time and thoughts and take baby steps toward creating my home-stay accommodation business.

Coaching with Gina has helped me see the possibilities I had before me, built my confidence to achieve them and helped me reassess my perceptions of where I was and where I was going.

My old work colleagues are still as unhappy as I was back then, and all the tea in China wouldn't make me want to turn the clock back, despite the scary moments I have in my new venture.

I am one happy Queen and loving every moment all the way. Thanks Gina for everything.

Faiza Ahmad, Owner of Cleopatra's Cure, Dead Sea Skincare Products


You know how sometimes you'll have something happen, and you just know that everything you've done so far in your life has led up to that moment?

That happened yesterday.

I had a BREAKTHROUGH while being coaching by Gina Silvestri. It was damn uncomfortable - but it was also damn liberating. She is amazing!

This breakthrough feels like the culmination of a lifetime of work and experience. I feel free, open, and realized.

Jaya Rose,

I started following your advice and role modelling, and I FEEL AMAZING! I wanted to thank you for being a LIGHT in this world, and for inspiring me. I have been trying to eat healthier, but kept falling off the wagon, and now I feel so AMAZING! Thank you for all that you do, I think about your inspiration all the time.

Antonina Sobko, Photographer in Vancouver, Canada



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