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Hey Beautiful ….

I've got an important announcement about money coaching and my new (yet not so new) ghostwriting service ....


First .... Fcckkkkkking money conditioning !!! Ohhh the garbage that goes along with being a money coach....

Don’t get me twisted, BEING the money coach is fun and more fulfilling than ANY other way I’ve helped people professionally in my entire life.

I love love love love LOVE doing my Million Dollar Days Empowerment Coaching, showing people how to not just talk about but actually start living with $1k, $2k, $5k, $8k Days in their business bank accounts 💯

But tryna tell a conditioned world what I do? And why they need to work with me to shift their energy if they’re going to see this kind of money in their bank accounts on the regular, instead of spinning their wheels in to-do tasks that will never create sustainable, significant, soul-shaking money??


Most people don’t even like talking about money, let alone going THAT deep - especially not on social media (where everyone can see what money shiz you’re talking about)!!!

Money isn’t exactly polite conversation either, plus it’s a damn miracle if the image of a snake 🐍 doesn’t arise the minute most money coaches open their mouths to describe what they do.

These societal attitudes and misconceptions created a lot of strife for me. Honestly, I wanted to hide in my forest home away from the rest of the world most of the time, because it felt like I was rowing uphill just to get my message out there in the first place....let alone find amazing clients to work with!

I loved what I did SO MUCH though, and have loads of testimonials published in many many many places because it worked, and still works, nothing will ever change my love for it or the kickass results my clients get with it.

Yet still, behind the scenes to my besties and my beloved man and my own business mentors and coaches, I’d be all ...

“But how can I explain what I do in a way that doesn’t sound slimy, and is still accurate and concrete???”

This question sent me down an energy-sucking spiral every time!!! Because soul work is not supposed to be complicated - not for me, not for you.

When our soul is *fully* expressed in our work, there’s not this feeling of strife, or wanting to hide, or something missing ....

AND WAIT WAIT WAIT WAIT I know some of y’all want to hit up me up right now to tell me how to succeed with this,

but just hold your own strife-driven bus, (I’ll get to why and how we all have one in a minute),

because this isn’t about better funnels or sales strategies or using better mutha-loving words.


It’s about soul alignment, Loves - in the most precise, accurate, ONLY way - both mine and yours.

This is about me, for example, having been MOSTLY aligned with my truest deepest purpose for the past decade. That’s why it mostly worked, most of the time....

I smashed those Million Dolllar Days over and over in my business, doing what I love, changing lives, celebrating like crazy with my clients who I adore so much!!!


You’re either 100% in alignment with your soul’s purpose on the planet, or you’re not.

There’s no degrees here.

It’s 💯 or bust.

It’s ALL IN, or not.

You can FEEEEL like you’re in love and on point all day long, and tell yourself everything’s perfect all you want - that’s what I did .... and again, it mostly did feel good....it’s just so easy to fool ourselves this way, because it really does MOSTLY feel fantastic, and we tell ourselves “it’s better than my career before this” and “ so what it doesn’t have to always be perfect” and “I’m happy enough...”

But you know what I mean if you’re still reading this, Darling. That little teeny piece of energy in and around you that isn’t quite fitting.

That damn little sliver of misalignment that’s fckking up all you’ve worked for you’re whole damn life.


You’ve probably even taken all the damn marketing courses with the best of the best robotic marketing coaches, like I have, only to find it.does.not.ultimately.work.

The soul needs to be 100% aligned, and that is that.

Yes I made incredible connections with clients who will be my friends for life. Yes I grew and developed as a woman in ways I’d been wanting to and dreaming of my whole damn life, through this mentoring work....

It’s just .... it could have been EVEN BETTER!!!

It could have been like this, what I feel right now as I incorporate my ghostwriting into my biz and I’m already booking interviews with the most AMAZING FREAKING WOMEN to talk about writing their books together.

It’s already THIS good, even though I’ve just found my full CLICK into alignment, a few weeks ago (that’s how alignment works, at light speed, baby!!!). April 14 was the day, to be exact, there was a massive fckking CLICK within me that catapulted me to this next level and I’ve been in a state of ecstasy with my business ever since.

Not the fleeting kind....the kind that won’t stop, not until it’s time for me to step into the next CLICK, when I’m ready for that next leap into my next level of alignment.

Right now I bask in this realization that this money coaching I’ve been doing for the past decade was only PART of what was in store for me ...

I finally GET IT, deep deep in my bones, that none of that strife even needs to exist in me or my marketing life at all - and it doesn’t need to exist in yours, either. 

because we all have strife and contrast and struggle at some level. It's supposed to be that way. It helps us grow. Motivates us to keep going going going to the next level. To keep reaching!

This insight is Soul-sent. Mega mega mega weight lifted off me....

And POOF just like that I’ve stepped into what I’ve always been doing as a “side hustle” for the past twenty years!!!!

I moved it from the back burner to the front, and fused it with the gorgeous empowerment (money) coaching I will always cherish and hold dear to my heart - it’s all just juicier, richer, more ME than ever before now.

Okayyy....so here it is ... the big news .....

I’m writing books for people now, telling their stories, AS PART OF MY EMPOWERMENT COACHING!!!

This means that when blocks come up as we write books together, my Empowerment Mentoring energy is yours for the basking in, to carry you all the way to the completion of this book that you know you have in you. The one that marks your mutha-freaking legacy on this planet.

Because my crown is your crown, baby!

I’m celebrating now, here with you.

This energy rocket we all get to blast through our next levels to, together.

I feel so fully expressed!

This is how it’s meant to go!!!

For you and for me.

Because I feel you here with me, we push push push give it all we got, every damn day, even when we don’t know exactly what we’re pushing for, until the dam breaks. Literally.

AND SWOOSH....there it is. The next level. The next frontier.

It’s all ours.

Then just like that those parts that were fun, mesmerizingly challenging (for years and years for me) .... are not anymore.

There’s no heartbreak or strife anymore. I’m grateful for what was, see that all was perfectly as it was meant to be, for that time, and know now too that I’m done with that part of the struggle equation. I’ve officially given it up.

Not in defeat, by any means, there’s no so-called tail hanging between my legs here. NUH-UH.

Because I’ll never stop empowering people around money, like ever ever ever EVER - Empowerment Coach will *always* be part of my title, because it’s who I am. At soul level. That will never freakin’ change!!!

I’m just unveiling the curtain a little further - OKAY A LOT FURTHER - on what my heart always knew I’d do and be known for, since I was a little girl: my writing.

Not just all these articles and posts you see all over the Internet.

Not just that mofo LIFE-CHANGING book I wrote in 2007 that’s still selling on Amazon.

Nope....there’s more ... there’s me writing books for people!!

Exactly what I’ve been doing behind-the-scenes for the past twenty years, as I ran my other businesses, worked other jobs, even as I rocked my money coaching biz this past decade.

It’s what I love doing MOST and finally feel ready to step into with all I’ve got.

Fuse it all together.

It’s me.

It’s who I am.

It’s what I do.

It’s all the juicy empowerment mentoring and my gift of active listening to people’s stories and really hearing them, feeding it back to them, then weaving together their life’s masterpiece that I so love to do....all rolled into one.

It’s my 100% full alignment.

Minus that half percent that is no longer out of alignment anymore! That pinching myself off (which you may be doing too?) from the very thing I’ve always loved to do, and dreamed of making a life out of.

So tell me ... what’s yours?


PS....I’ve opened up space to write two books in May for those ready to get their LEGACY out there, and have a life-changing transformation experience with me, complete with crowns, giggles, and soul flow ecstasy that enhances everything we already love in our lives now plus calls in more. Let’s chat!!! Let’s get this radiant, life-giving energy into your book 🔥🔥🔥 my ghostwriting spaces are more limited than my mentoring now so JUMP JUMP JUMP while that soul fire within you is burning hot and you’re feeling called, right now. I can’t wait to connect xoxo CLICK HERE TO SET UP YOUR CALL WITH ME NOW

Gina Silvestri