MAKE ME UGLY I PRAYED gina silvestri success after trauma mindset business success soul success vancouver

 “Please make me ugly” ... this was my prayer.

My interpersonal violence trauma happened when I was in modelling school.

As a tween and early teen all I wanted was to be beautiful - it’s how most of us were conditioned in the 80s.

Beauty is everything. Guess jeans make you beautiful. No boy will want you and you’ll never get married until you’re beautiful like “this” (insert any media channel that impacted your idea of what beauty was in your prime development years)

THEN ... you go through trauma as I did and suddenly you want the opposite.

Maybe being beautiful wasn’t directly associated with danger for you as it was for me ... but it most definitely was associated with BEING FREE, for all of us. However you define that ...

Being free to be all of you, whenever, however you want.

Being free to SHINE and attract attention, socially or now on social media or in your business.

And yes, expressing and displaying your most vibrant, wildly alive and healthy physical self to the world.

Trauma shuts this freedom down in us - AND FOR GOOD REASON - to keep us safe.

The biggest challenge is to move our traumatized brains from living in the past, when we were actually unsafe, to living now where it’s safe to be safe. Where we can learn and re-train our organs and nervous system and cellular body receiving signals from that brain still living in the past.

This is our work!

It takes time.

Every day you’re understanding more.

You’re taking another step toward where you want to be, even on days when that step looks like deep rest. Or crying. Or rejuvenating yourself as your system integrates all that you take in on a daily basis.

One day at a time, Brave Soul...

I love you 💜


Gina Silvestri