In this world of imminent distraction, do you ever REALLY spend time just being with you?

When you’re writing a book—especially if you’ve been through trauma—it’s essential to not only get comfortable spending time alone, but cultivate quality time alone, because you’ll be taken places you aren’t always necessarily ready to go.

It’s all for a purpose, from your Creator’s perspective; to heal you. To deepen your overall enjoyment in this experience of life, by deepening your insight and perspective.

To know you better than you do right now.

To sit with you, for long periods, hours upon hours on end. Just you and you.

To love you - I mean deeply deeply love you.

Healing doesn’t happen without this basic level of self-mastery, and every writer needs it whether they’re showing behind-the-scenes snaps on Instagram, or not, because healing is going to happen as you write, even when your audience doesn’t see it.

To counter how complicated the modern world has made healing the deeper wounds that may come up for you, while you’re writing, let’s use the example of animals in the woods.

They get hurt. They slow down. Rest. Shake it off. Sleep it off. They let nature take its course so that the healing intelligence every living being on earth carries within them, can run its natural course.

Out of the forest though, so many are discombobulated. Bits of healing here and there, in between rushing to work or throwing on another YouTube video to numb out and distract.

Writers who are incredibly gifted even take “regular” jobs that leave them zero time or energy to write, in an (unconscious) attempt to stay busy to avoid the deep feeling they know in their bones will be required if they sit down to write. That deep kind of healing that woodland animals don’t and can’t escape from (even if they wanted to), because all beings on the planet are programmed for MORE: more life, more joy, more vitality, and when humans are freed from the modern world distractions they’re currently buried in, their natural healing program runs fast and hard.

They feel the pain of the old wound needing healing, deep, in all its intensity, for as long as is necessary, and then AND ONLY THEN, do they move toward permanent resolution of the wound, close it up, and let go of any detrimental impact, for good.

There are no bits hanging around, discombobulated in the forest animal’s being, nor hanging dissociated in between their connections with other beings. There’s nothing blocking up their access to resources - which means they’re not hesitating before going after and receiving exactly what they need and want in life, as many humans do, blocking themselves from the freedom to truly enjoy their lives, living as they please, eating what they want, being with who and how they want, feeling gorgeous and alive and LIT UP on a daily basis (aka “success”).

Nope. Lacking gray matter as they may be, there’s no neuroses around any of that in woodland creatures.

They just ARE.

They just BE.

So ask yourself, My Loves, not just “how often are you practicing just being every day” - as this is becoming an overplayed phrase today - rather, if you’ve been through trauma, ask:

When have you last dedicated a good chunk of time to 100% be with yourself, in a fully present way? When was the last time you dedicated time solely focussed on healing your trauma? I’m not talking about the time in your therapist or mentors office, outside of that.

When it’s just you and you. 

When that resistance rises up inside of you and you’re left with you alone to work through it, and you do.

Then, during that non-distracted 100% focussed-on-you healing time, you’ll be forced to look at things you don’t want to see ... maybe, once you start seeing yourself, after seeing how you never really saw yourself before, you’ll realize that you’ve been allowing people into your life who weren’t (or never have) focussed on or REALLY SEEN YOU either.

Maybe it’s friends. Or spouses. Or even that therapist you thought was bomb, but you’re now seeing that by you taking your own healing to a new qualitative level, that his/her advice of “you need to find more things to do with your time and more things to look forward to” just doesn’t cut it.

Because deep down, you want to go deep, dive deep, live deep - and surround yourself with those who do, too.

This is what true success and true freedom is really all about. That’s the energy good books hold too, no matter what category Amazon puts them in.

It’s not the cars or the trips or the clothes. Those are nice, of course ... but when you’re dedicated to writing a book, especially if you’ve been through trauma, it’s THIS gold you’re truly after.

You being you.

Connecting to that powerful source that lives within you, that you knew so freakin’ well before the trauma happened, then lost touch with during and maybe for awhile after ... but you now get to swim in and with once again.

More committed, more intimate, more juicily than ever.

Your first step is just saying NO to the distracted, discombobulated connection with TRUE YOU.

Will you?

XOXO Success Coach Gina

Gina Silvestri