In this world of imminent distraction, do you ever REALLY spend time just being with you?

When you’ve been through trauma, it’s essential.

To know you.

To sit with you, for long periods on end.

To love you - I mean deeply deeply love you.

Healing doesn’t happen without this basic practice. The modern world has made healing so complicated, but just think of animals in the woods.

They get hurt. They slow down. Rest. Shake it off. Sleep it off. They let nature take its course so the healing process can actually complete itself.

Out of the forest though, so many are discombobulated. Bits of healing here and there, in between rushing to work or throwing on another YouTube video to numb out and distract.

Entrepreneurs who are incredibly gifted even take jobs to stay busy to avoid the deep feeling, the deep healing that animals in the woods don’t and cannot (even if they wanted to) escape from, because all beings on the planet are programmed for more life more joy more vitality, and without modern world distractions that humans are buried in, their natural healing program runs fast and hard. They feel the pain, deep, in all its intensity, as long as is necessary, and then AND ONLY THEN, release the wound and let it go for good.

There are no bits hanging around, discombobulated in the mind or hanging dissociated in between their connections with others. Or blocking up their access to resources - which means they’re not questioning whether they can have everything they want in life, like freedom to enjoy life and living as they please, eat what they want, be with others as they want, feel gorgeous and alive and LIT UP on a daily basis (aka what us humans refer to as “success”).


They just ARE.

They just BE.

So ask yourself, My Loves, not just “how often are you practicing just being every day” - this is becoming an overplayed phrase today anyway - rather, if you’ve been through trauma:

When have you last dedicated a good chunk of time to 100% focussed healing on your trauma? I’m not talking about the time in your therapist or mentors office, but outside of that.

When it’s just you and you. 

When the first time you do it you’re faced with the stark reality that there’s resistance inside of you to giving yourself this 100% focussed and dedicated time in the first place.

Then, during that non-distracted 100% focussed-on-you-Healing time, you’ll be forced to look at things you don’t want to see ... maybe you’ve been allowing people into your life who don’t or never have focussed on or REALLY SEEN YOU either.

Maybe it’s friends. Or spouses. Or even that therapist you thought was bomb, but you’re now seeing that by you taking your own healing to a new qualitative level, that his/her advice of “you need to find more things to do with your time and more things to look forward to” just doesn’t cut it.

Because deep down, you want to go deep dive deep live deep - and surround yourself with those who do, too.

This is what true success and true freedom is really all about.

It’s not the cars the trips the clothes. Those are nice, of course ... but when you’ve been through trauma, it’s THIS gold you’re truly after.

You being you.

Connecting to that powerful source that you knew so freakin’ well before the trauma happened, lost touch with during and maybe awhile after ... and now get to swim in and with once again.

More committed, more intimate, more juicily than ever.

Your first step is just saying NO to the distracted, discombobulated connection with TRUE YOU.

XOXO Success Coach Gina

Gina Silvestri