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Is it time to stop feeding your overly-masculine empty side and allow the gorgeous dance and merging of healthy feminine and healthy masculine energy to become the foundation of your life? 

Sometimes we accidentally create a life that supports our bad habits.

I know I sure did !!!!!

I know now that healthy wealth is having a positive relationship with both masculine and feminine sides of ourselves (regardless of whether we were born man or woman).

I can also SPOT when my masculine energy with money starts to rot a little bit ... and can now catch it before it really develops a STENCH.

These are the energies of being too forceful or aggressive with sales (we've all been there, no shaming here!), and avoiding deep, meaningful connection with others.

Like receiving money to support our isolation.


Mostly, it's not done on purpose. There's little conscious awareness that you're doing it.

But you are.

There you are! Accepting money from this source, or that source, to keep you from facing your fear of connecting.

To keep you from facing your fear of living and breathing and BEING IN YOUR GREATNESS!

*NOTE, BIG NOTE: I am not talking about solititude here, which is a sacred, vibrant, necessary part of our creative process ... different from isolation due to fear of connecting with other humans, fear that is nine times out of ten, based in trauma.

Although you could be fooling yourself that it's solitude, when it's really fear of connecting. Facing your demons down (shame from trauma, for example) that keep you away from connecting deeply and in meaningful ways with others.

Throw money into this toxic construct held up by habits that keep us disconnected and desperately reaching for numbing habits of the modern world (Netflix, Facebook scrolling, information overload) and you've got an anchored pattern of self-sabotage and success-destruction you're gonna need help dismantling.

But how do you wake up enough to ask for the help, right?

You get sick of the symptoms of that kind of life.


Walking around like some kind of zombie person who lost touch with what her Little Girl Soul so vividly told her was THE WAY to build the life that would keep her thriving, growing, blooming like the unstoppable mother fucking life force she was born to be, and inspire others through.

What are you even talking about that you weren't given that life force?

Of course you damn were.

We all were.

Thinking we are different because of what we've been through *believe me I played that tune for over a decade in my life, if not longer* and it's a recipe for Zombieland.

If you want to wake up feeling empty, keep accepting that money from that source that doesn't feel good, knowing you can't move forward because it's suffocating you by keeping you into old patterns of BEING and living that do not work for you anymore (maybe they haven't worked in years, or decades - I get it! It's ok! You get to do something about it now).

If you want to feel victim to your body and it's ways of getting "sick" and feeling helpless when it does, then keep on keeping on, as you are. As you were taught. As you always have been. (do ask yourself though, if you feel so inclined: how's that working out for the people you know who are doing that?).

If you want to keep blaming others for how your life is, consciously or subconsciously, OUT LOUD or privately in your own being, with that feeling of toxicity this breeds, eating you from the inside out like a cancer, keep going as you are.


Invest in your growth and change things now.

You know where to invest, I'm not here to tell you what to do with your money.

I have doors open, if they resonate with you, to walk the fuck through ... but nobody's forcing you or tricking you or compelling you to do this or that here.

You're the only one can STEP UP for you.

Peel off the zombie suit and stop just saying "I'm done" - show with your action that you are 100% done.





XOXO Success Coach Gina

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