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The greatest defense that us seemingly “woo-woo” entrepreneurs have against the average person’s perception of us being delusional flakes is neuroscience.

Oh, and the amount of people we’ve helped who have wonderful things to say about us.

Not to mention the success our business has, YES in terms of money … but I’ll get to that in a moment.

Right now we need to talk about the human brain, and how it works - specifically, alpha and beta brain waves.

Alpha is creation. Active. It’s leadership. These brain waves are lit up when we are in our most creative energy.

Beta is following the herd. Passive. It’s half-asleep energy that runs by rote. These brain waves are lit up when we are in our “good student’ mode.

Beta is also what we swim in when we Netflix for too long. Or watch livestream after livestream on Facebook. Or indulge in ours of mind-numbing scroll after scroll on Instagram or whatever other social media platform that happens to float your fancy right now.

You know exactly what I mean.

You have creative sparks of ideas for your business all day long ….

(you’re not fully given over to the robo-proneurs who don’t even see a problem with any of this after all *barf*barf*barf)

....THEN as quick as those ideas come, you may even jot them down on a blank screen in your phone or laptop ....

you just as quickly, BY ROTE rush to check your email or open that Facebook app only to see one of your role model mentors doing something fantastic like a new live stream, so OF COURSE (your by now well-trained) beta brain pushes play

and SWOOSH there goes another hour, or five hour stretch or whole damn day watching other people’s stuff…. *NOT* generating your own new blog posts, products, and invitations to purchase your services.

See where this is going?

Entrepreneures need more practice in the alpha.

This is WHY sales are low and stay low.

You’re swimming in too much beta.

Taking more notes on EVERYONE ELSE’S SHIT —-their creativity their guidance the stuff coming up from within THEM —- than you do in your own inner world.

If you even *have* a connection to your inner wisdom source anymore (like anything else it does die if we ignore and avoid and neglect it too long)!

The definition and effect of all this beta activity on your business and world?

Shoves your brain and the energy of your entire being onto the second to last cabooses on the train.

You’re not driving the train.

More important - to the way us Bosses in Pajamas do it - you’re not being the vessel that allows Spirit to guide the train.

Your business is the train!!!

You must be in the conductor seat to

A ) actually get on the track you’re meant to be on

B ) do what the very definition of business requires all of us entrepreneurs to do (make money ... otherwise Hobbyland is your next and proper stop)

So what’s it gonna be?

Allow me to help you decide.

To ruin your business totally, do these on the regular:

5) Give your early morning energy to external forces. This is your best, most vital, most precious energy. If you’re grabbing for your phone before your eyes have fully opened for the day, you’re renewing your ticket to Hobbyland again and again and again.Err’day.

4) Do more beta than alpha activities all day. When you spend most of your days reading other people’s blogs, watching their videos, taking their courses, NO MATTER HOW GREAT THEY ARE + HOW MUCH THEY’VE CHANGED YOUR WORLD, you’re literally training your brain to be a follower not a leader. A consumer vs producer. A cow in the herd vs the mother fucking legend you know you were born to be. Now ask yourself how all this beta shizzle will be reflected in your bank account.

3) Receive guidance in the physical world more than you give guidance in the physical world. We all love receiving. Sitting back, letting things happen. Watching them play out just as we want to. This takes a hell of a lot less energy and effort than creating something does. The problem is, when you receive guidance in the physical world more than you give it, it becomes a habit. Your brain is literally trained to be BETA, and you’re not creating and giving to your people, which destroys soul-led businesses. This leads me to the next thing to do to totally stop your money flow….

2) Forget about killing before you eat (watch my video on this here). Instead of flowing with our mamillian instinct to work for our food, you just eat eat eat all day. Consume consume consume other people’s content until you’re so disgustingly full and stupefied by the counter-intuitive other-oriented and therefore toxic-to-your-soul energy you’ve now (tried to) nourish your being with, you can’t even move. Need I ask the obvious? What this will do to those columns in your name at the bank?

1) Numb out your soul ...this is the biggest red flag of all, the fire engine siren SCREECHING turn around now, Girl! Go back to square one. Listen within, fast ... do nothing else, and I do mean NOTHING other than most basic survival instinct because while your body may still be moving around in the world, your soul will be dead. Vacated. Left the building. And I can’t even say more about how disgusting that feels and I don’t need to ... you know, you know.

You feel that nauseating punch in the gut like I do right now typing these words, at just even IMAGINING living like one of those robots doing life sans even an ounce of creativite alpha force - and the prosperity that goes along with it.

So whatever you do, avoid these 5 things to halt the process of pinching your business money flow - which you may or may not be consciously aware of.

Step into your leadership.

Train yourself to alpha.

Own your power!


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Gina Silvestri