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I used to approach money in a disempowered Cinderella kind of way.

Deep down, I just didn’t believe I deserved the damn money! So I let other people take care of generating the money I needed to live for me—parents, boyfriends, and my disability insurance company in 2006, when I was diagnosed with PTSD and forced to take medical leave for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) after working on Canada’s second largest child murder case case in my government career.

If you’ve followed me for a while, you know I repeat this teaching over and over and over and over (did I mention over and over and over and over and over) again: when we’re caught in a pattern, like not being able to take care of ourselves financially as writers, there’s so much more than what meets the eye.

Like an iceberg, most of the energy patterns that determine what kind of life we are living are below the surface. We see the tip, the physical manifestations of these energy patterns, but it takes a mix of skill, natural talent and 10,000 hours of experience to master detecting, understanding, and teaching of this, all of which I’ve been engaged in for over a decade now.

To simplify, your thoughts create your feelings—and sometimes vice versa, but either way, however you get there, you end up in a certain feeling state, which determines what kind of action you take, or in the case of creating money, don’t take, in your life.

For example, when I lived in my Cinderella/Starving Artist mode, I would think “I never have any money.” This generated feelings of shame and incapability, which led me straight to watching television instead of writing or finding and working at a job I enjoyed, that afforded me the time to build my writing business, in a solid confident energy. Since applying for and working at either my writing or the job that would allow me to write are the action steps required to generate money, and I wasn’t doing those due to my less than vibrant mood, money did not come in.

In order to be magnetic, I would have had to think the thoughts that I teach my students in my Tell A New Story About Money digital program.

Thoughts like…. “Money is always available to me, like it is to everyone else. I am no different. We are all born with the same birthright to abundance. I am a creative being with mega potential. I am capable of attracting all the money I need and more, right now”

At the time though, I had no idea how to get from “I never had any money” to those higher frequency thoughts. It seemed impossible!

Sadly, until I got there, it was impossible…not in the energy of ease I so deeply desired to live in, all the time, even at work—so that I could keep my writing ideas flowing, and make my deeply desired, energy raising, life-giving, soul-sustaining dreams of living as an affluent writer, come true!

You see, it’s not that you’re “bad at money” or “not meant to be rich,” though it seems like that on the surface, and people who are not attuned to this deeper insight will tell you such. It’s that you’re being protective of your creative energy, which is very wise … but there are invisible patterns running at the core of your energy that need shifting. That’s the root. The place to work on if you want to change this starving artist pattern many writers fall into, forever.

Until this happens, you won't have all of your resources available to you, while you keep wondering why, and questioning yourself, even your core capability and worth as a person. When really you just need to clear the problematic belief system, to free up energy enough for you to learn whatever skills will help. The energy is the bigger thing though, learning the skills is purely a mental exercise, that is fast and simple when your inner resources are clear, aligned, abundant, and in tact.

My Cinderella/Starving Artist mentality was rooted in the opposite of the ease state I so desperately wanted to live in, especially after having experienced so much trauma in my life. I needed ease to survive, then thrive. My energy was a precious resource. I knew first-hand how quick it could go, if I wasn’t careful.

The real thing that had to go, however, was the idea that I could not make money from writing, which was so fun and effortless for me that it felt like playing = way too easy a thing to be exchanging for money. The deep-seated belief culprit at the bottom of that iceberg was that money is supposed to be hard.

You might even resonate with this idea right now: money is supposed to be hard to earn, right?

If you asked my brain at the time, which was still invested (subconsciously) in living the starving artist life at the time, it would have responded:

“Yes. Yes, money is very much hard to make—especially for writers. Most of them can’t even afford to live, to take care of their most basic needs”


It’s not right at all. It’s dead wrong.

Yet if you told me you were experiencing this today, I totally and 100% completely get it. I lived there, for too long.

Then if you were to ask me how I got over it, I’d say I got sick of living it.

I went round and round on the cycle of dreaming the dream, chasing the dream, failing to achieve the dream, and continuing living the broke artist lifestyle…until I couldn’t do it anymore.

I looked it in the eye, saw it for what it was, thanked it for all it taught me, then let it go, for good.

Then I starting showing up for myself, voraciously, day after day, to work on shifting these deep-rooted beliefs and misaligned energy that stopped my independent wealth building desire in its tracks, every time.

I’m not gonna lie, there were a few “Prince Charmings” along the way who lifted me up in love, or reflected back to me how much I devalued myself through the way they treated me, whether it was the way they spoke to me at times, didn’t believe in my dreams or refused to do the inner work they needed to do to be able to see what I really wanted them to see: the true me, hiding beneath that pretty sunlit iceberg tip. I even allowed such mistreatment to continue with some of the Princes, because I believed I was incapable of supporting myself financially…

...but mostly this was about inner work. Me facing me. Trying to make it on my own financially, then falling flat on my face, and returning to the inner work drawing board, once again. Digging into that deep well of shame inside of me, that I seriously thought would NEVER END and never stop haunting me, and doing the inner work to get from where I was then, to where I am now.

****We’re talking RELENTLESS self honesty here. Every day: asking myself what’s coming up for me now. Facing scary as shit emotions. Figuring out where they came from why they’re living inside me then letting them go.

****We’re talking intense RE-TRAINING of the old self-delineating patterns that used to kick my ass and keep me broke and unable to stand up for myself

****Aaaaand we’re talking getting comfortable (which was not comfortable AT ALL at first) with loving myself so fiercely and without any fucking judgment, which in turn allowed me to love others in the exact same way ❤️

This is what it takes.

No, it doesn’t come naturally to any of us.

It’s work!

The truest, deepest work of showing up to honour ourselves.

EXACTLY WHERE WE ARE in our healing process right now.

Saying YES over and over and over and over again to learning how to love ourselves more.

Be here for ourselves more.

Give ourselves what we’ve always needed, but never received from others ... because ... we were always meant to learn to give it to ourselves!!!!

This 💜 includes supporting ourselves financially.

This 💜 includes facing down the demons trapped in our energy fields, doing what it takes to cast them out and then keep them out, for good.

This 💜 includes solidifying our trust in ourselves like never before - to the point we feel 100% unstoppable. Not in an egotistical way, in our most authentic soul-empowered way. Totally aligned with integrity.

This feels so FREAKIN’ GOOD!!!!

For me, there’s nothing else like it.

It’s oxygen to the deepest part of my being.

It lights up every iota of my soul.

And makes me run in a running-kind-of-dancing like way to do those things I’ve always been destined to do in the world, but was always too afraid.


XOXO Your Book Angel, Gina

PS...I know you feel this too, Love!!! How can you not? This recipe for aligned living!! This amazing, fulfilling way of building wealth, FROM THE INSIDE OUT so we stop feeling yucky with money, and give it a chance to do what it’s actually always been meant to do in our lives, before all this shitty programming and conditioning came in to screw things up for us and our success! Money is here to nourish us, to help us serve our communities and families in greater ways, to heal our inner selves in the most phenomenal ways, and teach others how to do the same - if only by living as the example that is RADIANT SHINING THRIVING ABUNDANT YOU!! To learn more about how we can do this together, message me about my Unstoppable Online Writer’s Group. Doors are open now! We meet weekly, to swim in this energy together, with the goal of getting your book done. If this speaks to you, send me a message right here now💜

Gina Silvestri