Humans are energy.

We're literally always repelling or attracting people, things, situations to us, or away from us.

At every given moment, we do this either consciously, or subconsciously.

That is, with awareness, or without it.

Either way, we're always doing it.

This dynamic gets really interesting when we are forced to see what's happening though.

In other words, when we are forced to bring something from the subconscious mind to the conscious mind.

How do we get forced?

The thing I see most in my work helping women who've been through trauma to achieve success is they start to feel crazy.


(I know exactly how it feels as I've been there too)

The reason we can feel SO CRAZY at this critical point in our very human quest of mastering our vital energy, is because we see ourselves repeating patterns, of either repelling or attracting, things, people, situaitons we do not want.

There we are, living in the middle of it - this thing we don't want.

The opposite of what our current definition of success is - and make no mistake, when you're paying attention to these energy dynamics, you get to not only define success your way, you also get to experience it, when and how you want to.

I know, I know.

"So why don't I have a million dollars now if that's what I want"


People ask me this all the time.

You don't have a million dollars right now because in no way am I saying you get to automatically experience what you want in the physical world, just because you want it.

I never said that ... that's magical thinking, a phase we all go through and (ideally) travel through and past onto adulthood.

What your desires tell you, is that you CAN HAVE the thing you're wanting.

In other words, your desire shows you what's possible - in no way does it mean you will achieve it though.

The million dollars? If you deeply and truly desire this from a soul level, not just an "everyone else says that's good" and "money solves everything" mentality, then it IS available to you.


Our soul desires don't lie, or mislead you.

To the contrary, we betray our souls, every day!

We, the physical being, who must show up to do what it takes to bring the soul-led (at first invisible to the physical eye) desire into the physical world, we:

-forego showing up to do that work and instead play in some magical thinking fantasy land, using any distracting, numbing habit we can find (Netflix, web scrolling, overeating, drinking, drugging, illness) to avoid doing that work

-we fool ourselves into thinking we'd rather have some other thing that gives us immediate gratification, over the thing our soul has thirsted for and lived for and stayed in our physical bodies for, as far back as we can remember - when we were little girls, even before that.

-and we attract EMOTIONAL DRAMA like MoFos, sometimes to the point we even forget what the work we're meant to be doing is.


Fucking UGH.

That's the one that got me!

I grew up in a giant Italian family with a lot of emotional intensity. A LOT.

So it was a kind of habit for me. To live that way. On an emotional roller coaster.

I would even, until I learned how to master this very human dynamic so it supported my success, instead of sabotage it - I would even (subconsciously) create more drama and distracting emotional connections in my life, to avoid doing my real work of bringing this mentoring business, that I've now experienced for close to a decade, into my physical world.

This is a training.

An untraining, then a training, rather.

You untrain the highly dramatic, roller-coaster intensity energy out of your system.

Then you train the calmer, steady, "having success" energy back in.

This is a daily practice.

You show up daily for it.

No matter how many emotional temper tantrums you may be having as you show up - hopefully internally, but YES - sometimes externally, no matter what physical age we reach .. it happens *especially when you've been through a shit ton of trauma!

You show up anyway.

Like it's a job you need the money for.

A journey you CAN'T NOT show up for.

Because, you can't.

You know what happens when you don't.

XOXO Success Coach Gina

P.S. We're alllllllll human and so we alllllll need a WAKE UP CALL from time to time. We have blind spots! We can’t see when we’re stuck in an old belief pattern, or sabotaging our business and life - or sometimes we know we’re stuck, but don’t know WHY, which means we can’t dig ourselves out of the stuckness. This is why I created Bosses in Pajamas! It’s a community of soul-led business women building confidence and wealth, from the inside out. Click here to read more + join now:

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