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Do you believe that healing needs to happen first, before you succeed?

I thought this without knowing I thought this.

Believed it without knowing I believed it.

I just kept acting out my belief system unconsciously, by putting off the actual work it took to succeed in my business, prioritizing healing instead.

Now, there's nothing wrong with this, if you have financial support and/or are in a crisis stage of healing where you literally cannot take care of yourself . . .

. . . but the chances of you reading this in either of those circumstances are rare to nil.

Where you are is yearning to support yourself through your business and that's what I'm here for!

Debunking this belief system and uprooting it from your system is top priority, because you cannot flip this unconscious priority system formerly known as "the way you did life" until it's gone. Eliminated. Vamoose.

Like all belief systems, this can be tricky if you're doing it yourself. When it's living in your blind spot (unconscious to you), you can't see it. You aren't tuned into it. You've got an entire root system grown tight around it and you're gonna need help untangling.

I don't know I'd do without mentors in my life, to be honest. I once had a mentor who showed me that there was lots of trauma healing that needed to be done. This was many, many years ago, in 2004 - almost a decade ago.

I wasn't in the acute/crisis stage when I connected with this mentor, I was where you are: READY AF to move forward and get this money confident, financially independent show on the road.

I had thought I had dealt with the trauma. It was to do with an old, old circumstance that I had worked on at work (child murder case when I was writing court reports for a living) but this mentor said nuh-uh. It's not fully done yet. It was just living in my blind spot.

I had thought that trauma was resolved, so I hadn't considered it an option in my own analysis of what was going on with me. Why I was so stuck with my business and money. Why I couldn't seem to move forward with my business, no matter how many online courses or journalling or business planning I did.

This mentor helped me to navigate my business in a way that allowed me to keep healing, keep making money, at the same time.

Left to my own devices, I would have shut down and had thoughts like:

* "I'm broken"

* "I'm never going to make it in this industry"

* "I need to stop and get better before I keep stressing myself out, trying to run a business at the same time as healing all this old trauma."

And I couldn't have been MORE wrong.

You can't be more wrong either! Not if you're a soul-centred entrepreneur like me.

Because your business done right NOURISHES YOU.

Your business energizes you.

It gives you MORE RESOURCES (energy, money, confidence) that helps you heal and succeed even more.

It supports you, not takes away from you!

(otherwise, think about it: you're just creating another draining, exhausting, unhappy job for yourself = yuck, yuck, yuck)

As soon as I untangled this. Saw what needed to be done. Learned *exactly* what to do to move my business forward WHILE continuing to resolve that old trauma, once and for all - so it stopped ruling my life and stopping my success, from its sneaky position dead centre of my blind spot. Smack beneath the surface of my conscious mind.

Had I not dealt with this stuff happening underneath what I knew as feeling stuck with my soul business (and therefore depressed, anxious, worried, off kilter etc etc etc), I would have been stuck in a hamster wheel of stuckness that could only get worse with time.

Same goes for you, Gorgeous.

Same, same.

So how much time will you let pass before looking at this stuff?

I know it's not easy - I KNOW.

But moving through this temporary healing process, is MUCH EASIER than living an entire life off-centre from where you know you're meant to be living.


They're all available to you, right now. Even when it doesn't seem like it.

No, it doesn't need to take long to move through this.

No, you're not the one person who is blocked from having this (boy did I used to tell myself that one).

No, you don't get to play the unworthy card here.

Not with me.

I see your worth.

I see your value.

You'll *never* change my mind on that one.

The only mind you get to change, is your own.

Here and now.

XOXO Success Coach Gina

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