So I'm jogging in the mountains, back in 2009. Thinking about yet another great call with my business mentor.

My writing and mentoring business was just getting off the ground, but I knew enough to have a mentor myself, even that early in my business journey, to make things work faster, more smoothly, and to have a heck of a lot more fun than just doing it on my own.

Even though my business was brand new, and I was terrified that I wouldn’t be able to keep renewing my coaching with her, I signed up anyway.

It had been almost three weeks since I made the payment to her, so as my feet hit the trail, I was thinking about that too - except I noticed something was different in the way I was thinking about paying her. I wasn’t thinking about money things in the same old, usual old way anymore!

That usual way of thinking was:

*”OMG!!!!! she charges $1,100 USD per month. More than my rent. I took a chance, put it on my credit card. It’s almost three weeks later now and I haven’t paid it back. HOW THE HECK AM I GOING TO MAKE THAT PLUS MY RENT IN JUST UNDER TWO WEEKS??!! My paycheck for the entire month was that much, and I’m supposed to make this much in under a few weeks?”

We talked once a week, but she was available on email anytime for me. Normally, I would just start typing my worries away to her via email. I would tell her all about my panic. I would mention how much I loved our calls, too, adding that I just didn’t know what to do next to make sure I made enough money to keep renewing my coaching with her.

But something was different that day … just two weeks of working with her and my thinking was changing.

Not only was I less worried about money, even with all kinds of financial due dates looming, I felt a new power within me.

I even jogged further than normal that day, pausing only to screech with JOY (seriously, out loud, I couldn’t help it) because I had at last figured things out:

1) Worry does nothing.

2) I knew what it took now, to make it - so even though the money hadn’t arrived yet, putting worry aside and just concentrating on taking the actions I knew to take, would guarantee my success.

3) Mentoring changes everything.

My mindset, my bullshit from the past that had kept me from generating my own wealth, or even supporting my most basic needs, was being up-leveled. Money was no longer an excuse, or a reason, to stop doing what I was meant to do in the world. To write and change peoples lives with my writing and my natural talent for mentoring people into their own success, just like my own mentor had been doing for me.

What she helped me with the most, is the biggest thing I’ve seen people struggle with in the now ten years I’ve been writing and mentoring online: how to make money when you’re just starting out. Like, how do you support yourself financially, when you’re brand new?

Without her, I wouldn't have fast-tracked and by-passed the old B.S in my brain that would once-upon-a-time knock me down, and freeze me up, terrified in my tracks, which of course stopped me from taking the very action that makes me successful now.

For example, I would have stopped jogging (even though exercise is a major part of my vibrant energy and success) to rush home and type that worrying email, before I had received her high level mentoring.

Then I would have felt so bad, not to mention slightly embarrassed, after writing paragraph after paragraph of negativity and depressing thoughts. This is not to say that this isn’t okay to talk about with your mentor, OF COURSE IT IS, but spending as much time as I did on it? Recipe for low frequency, because what you focus on expands. Every time.

So, feeling that bad, I would have then numbed out with some Netflix, white-knuckling life until she responded, knowing that even MORE days had just passed now, that I didn’t take the action required for me to make the money I needed to make. The more time that passed, the deeper I went into an emergency “where am I gonna get the money I need to survive?” zone. The cycle went on and on like that.

I don’t miss those days, like at all - but I do appreciate what they taught me. It was like boot camp: extremely uncomfortable, but during that time, I received tools I have and will continue to use for life. Tools and skills and discipline that, looking back, were worth much, much, MUCH more than what I actually paid the mentor who taught them to me.

It all clicked that day, running in the woods, how THIS SUCCESS THING IS POSSIBLE.

It's possible for me.


I can do it and this is how I can do it.

She showed me exactly how.


Fast forward to today, nearly a decade later, there have been many more mentors since - I’ve put myself in rooms with some of the best minds on the planet - so that high level thinking is anchored in deep within me.

I started out not knowing what the heck to do, and just worrying my way into low frequency holes, that never got me anywhere.

But I kept taking big leaps, scary as they were, over and over and over and over again.

I stayed the course.

Now I know what to do, and I do it.

I decided long ago that I would do what it took, until it took, no matter what it took. Then step by step by step, I got here, so I could impart this wisdom to you.

I love you!


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Gina Silvestri