No makeup. No professional background. No hairdresser or time to do your own hair <———-NONE of these work as reasons not to get your business soul work done!

Not in this age of transparent social media.

I love hiding in my hoodie cocoon with my glasses on and yesterday’s lipstick as much as the next woman 

(ok old lipstick is gross, I know, but that’s the truth of what’s going on in this photo)

...but because we can get our work done while we are “hiding” - which of course delineates the term hiding altogether because it means you’re showing up for your soul work, then flow starts to happen,

...the work you’re meant to do —-the writing the videos the healing the coaching —- it takes you over, and beautiful business results can come through you, 

straight from the Divine, 

to the ears and eyes that most need to receive it.

So whatcha waiting for ????? 

Get your message out there, so it can work it’s magic. 

That’s what it’s meant to do after all

... it’s what you’re here for 😘😘😘👌🌸

XOXO Success Coach Gina


This group is for you if you’re wondering WHY your business isn’t bringing in money,

= you’re not even examining the thoughts rolling around your brain!!! 

(don’t feel bad, most people aren’t cause they don’t know - that’s why I’m so passionate about teaching this)

Its like pushing the gas petal on a car ...

again and again.

Pedal to the metal... 

Harder harder harder... 

Day after day….


Again and again….

When there’s no damn gas in the vehicle!!!

The vehicle is your business and the gas tank is your built-in reservoir meant to carry the EXACT THOUGHTS you need to be having to bring in the money you want.

Everything begins and ends with your thoughts, so learning this is essential to generating success in your business -  it’s how I created a $24k sales week!!!

You’ve got to be ROCK SOLID FULL with thoughts that magnetize money and clients/customers and resources whenever you need them, for whatever situation your business comes up against! 

But it doesn’t just fill up on its own, you’ve got to fill it up.

And your tank is CLEARLY empty girl if you’ve been pushing pushing pushing on your business for three months or more

Taking all the courses

Watching all the livestreams 

Following all the business guru people 


No money in the bank.

No leads.

No sales. 

This isn’t woo-woo shit. Thoughts create your feeling state and you know damn well that your mood determines which actions you will or won’t take and that those actions you take (or don’t take) make up the state of your life. 

This is hard science, and it’s actually REALLY FUN work when we do it together - and when we’re hitting the hard emotional stuff (which we do hit, in order to overcome and shift it for good), then we are there, to support each other!!!

Thoughts—-> Mood —-> Action = YOUR LIFE (including how much money is in your bank account)!!!

So are you picking up the remote control instead of the laptop? Parking your ass on the couch instead of on a meditation pillow?

Or are you practicing the thoughts you need to master in order to fill that tank in your head...which eventually reflects back to you with a full thriving business tank and business bank account??!!

Strategy means NOTHING without this inner work - I want to show you the tools you need to get this part right. Fill up your business vehicle with quality fuel, get the inside stuff RIGHT and ALIGNED so everything else works, not to mention is much EASIER.


Gina Silvestri