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Standing in my kitchen this morning, drinking rejuvelac, waiting for my eggs to boil, it hit me: 

I've got a particular pride still inside of me, a pride of being poor.

Now, having coached women on their money mindset since 2009, I’m no stranger to this idea, that there’s a LOT to be proud of and a whole lot of payoffs in having no money and making it through the hard times,

and that, of course, until we become aware of these payoffs we will stay in the financial situation we are in, because beliefs (which are just thoughts repeated over and over again until a firm momentum is formed) create our reality.

Since humans only engage in behaviour that has more payoffs than costs, and this calculation takes place largely in the subconscious mind.

Here's a flow chart explaining how thoughts create our reality, in case you are new to my teachings:

rejuvelac think yourself rich poverty mindset abundant mindset 

So none of this is new to me - but today I uncovered a new specific detail for me... 

I was standing there feeling proud of the times I have whipped up incredible dishes for my boyfriend and I,

during the times in our relationship when it “felt like there was no food” or we were “too strapped for cash” and crossing that red line into our survival resources being threatened.

I whipped amazing pasta dishes and tuna dishes and snack platters "out of nothing."

Each time, he was just so happy and proud of me for creating those dishes.

“How did you do that?”

“You made ALL THIS when we had nothing  in our kitchen. “

“You’re so creative!”

Feeling this pride then reminded me of the time he told me that one of the things he loves most about me, is that I can weave any problem situation,

such as the traumas and pickles I’ve found myself in, throughout my forty-three years of live, into the most beautiful tapestry of inspiration and success.

That felt really really really good.

He was proud of me,

and subconsciously, it activated that pride that ran through my bones, LONG before I met him.

Being a mindset coach I also know to take a moment to examine EVEN DEEPER ancestral motivations, when you hit on a gold mine, which is exactly what this detail I uncovered this morning represents - literally and figuratively.

Notice howI said "a moment." This need not and should not take long. The days of decades of talk therapy are long gone! My mentoring & healing work is attuned to light speed.

So, while most people gloss over “tiny” thoughts like these and go on with their day, I know to stop and mine the gems,

because every thought is a gateway, and bringing unconscious payoffs to the conscious mind, releases the previous (sometimes decades-old) hold it has on your financial life,

which then breaks an internal dam, allowing for money energy to flow into our bank accounts, in the form of dollars in our physical lives.

This is the path I want you to follow, using my example today, to uncover your own gem and subsequent gold mine in both your consciousness mansion, and your bank account!

The reason this (seemingly insignificant) detail had the power to break my dam, is because it hit an ancestral root. 

And I'm always committed to finding and excavating those, to help my clients get results.

First, I dug deeper to recall how my dad was so proud of my mom for making incredible dinners when I was a child, especially at times he was worried about us not having enough food, feeling like a failure as a provider.

My parents had a volition relationship so these moments were gold to me. I could relax, feel safe, and happy for the duration of a dinner, instead of my usual walking on eggshells.

Plus the relief and joy that washed over his face made me feel so incredible, because my child soul knew that Papa had a good soul himself, that he didn’t mean to behave violently as he did at times, and all little girls just want their families to be happy = Payoff alert! BIG payoff alert.

Digging deeper still, I found find this same pattern of poverty pride in my grandparents, their parents, and stories of grandparents before them.

My entire family was born in Italy. I have been to visit the teeny tiny neighbouring Italian villages mom and dad's families are from. To this day, neither can be found on a map, they are that small. The population is under 200 each, and they're tucked on the side of the Abruzzi mountain range, a two hour drive dotted by ancient stone castles straight out of The Flintstones, to get to any significant pocket of civilization. 

It was peasant life at best - and YOU BET I WAS PROUD OF MY FAMILY, especially the first time I visited. They were making life work, from very humble beginnings. Now thriving in beautiful homes, with olive oil and fireplace businesses, against all odds. 

Standing at my kitchen counter, it struck me, just how deep this pride ran in my bones.

Doing this work this morning therefore struck a deep chord of identity in me.

And there you have the gold, My Love!

Does it mean I have to fully detach and reject my family history in order to be wealthy?

No, it does not.

What it does mean is that my power create wealth today, lies in my conscious awareness of the bedrock of belief I was raised and (literally) formed in.

Then, with love in my heart, and admiration of the qualities I'll never let go of that came directly from my familial roots, like persistence, dedication, and, like my boyfriend said, weaving golden tapestries out of nothing, I get to choose, according to my present era, lifestyle and soul-led desires, which beliefs about money to hang onto, and which to let go of.

Because when you find that pride in poverty (or whatever other power-of-a-dam abundant mindset block nugget you’re working on right now) 

is part of your identity,

you know you won’t expand into YOUR next level of wealth until it’s untangled and detached completely from your perception of the core of who you are.

This is how we do!

I choose to belief that money can pour into my business bank account from the spiritual healing and business mentoring work I do on my Mac laptop, for example.

That we are blessed enough to have opportunities today, that no human before us ever had: money is easier to make than ever.





With hearts full of love and fulfilled souls as we do our purpose work in the world. 

XO Success Coach Gina

Gina Silvestri