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Today’s is a story about how we block ourselves from our own healing, and how changing our thoughts resolves everything - even physical body health.


We all have blind spots, even as healers and leaders in the world. We need support. We need rearview mirrors to expand our vision. We need different perspectives. 


I found myself especially blind and in need of all this when I had my dance with acid reflux a few years ago.


As with all dis-eases of success, healing begins in the mind.


Here were my thoughts when my physical body was given no choice but to succumb to my repeated stressful thinking, by expressing itself with constant pain in my belly (where stomach meets esophagus), hot acid shooting up from my stomach into my throat, and the inability to lay down flat without nearly choking on it:


I’m sick.


I’m screwed.


I’ve really done it now.


Totally doomed.


That’s it! I’m old and my body’s done, forever!


My greatest teaching and contribution to the world in the area of success, which was dead centre in my blind spot at the time, is that thoughs create your feeling state (doomed, helpless, depressed, for example), which determines what actions you’ll take (none, for example), which determines the kind of life you live (depressed, painful and broke, for example!).


Here’s my flow chart to demonstrate that:

success begins in mind-3.png


The thoughts above created a doomed, helpless, depressed feeling state in me, which did not motivate me into action. I actually remained stationary most of the time, and gained a significant amount of weight.


The actions I did take were fear-based, and not aligned with my soul.


Growing up in a natural family, who treated my childhood asthma attacks with hot steam over inhalers, and stomach upset with chamomile tea, natural remedies always work best for me, even to this day. My parents were born in a tiny Italian village, deep in Abruzzi mountains, where official medical doctors had to travel far, and were therefore expensive. So they figured out how to heal without. 


[Note: I am not saying that Western medicine is wrong, or bad, by any means! I’m saying we must choose the physical healing strategies that resonate deeply within us, whatever those may be]


The double-edged sword of growing up so natural, is that, while you never get sick (and I mean I can’t remember the last time I had a cold or a flu, literally!), is that when you do get sick, it can feel like the end of the world. You’re so used to feeling healthy, that when you do catch a blip of something, that much of the world suffers from, like acid reflux, it feels like you’re dying.


That’s how I felt.


So instead of applying the natural remedies of my people, and the masterful mindset and energy healing techniques I’ve learned in my forty-three years on the planet, I reacted with fear-based action.


Here are the fear-based actions I took at the time:


-I bought a giant wedge pillow, so I could sleep on an angle and avoid choking on acid in the middle of the night. It felt like a god-send at the time, but what I learnt after a year and half of using it, was that it was ruining my posture (hips, neck, shoulders) and that our adrenals cannot replenish themselves  unless we are laying down flat at night, which put me in a constant state of flight-or-flight stress = precisely the culprit that makes acid reflux WORSE.


-I booked a gastroscopy, which the idea of alone gave me severe anxiety - not to mention being backed into a corner by my physician. He told me that cancer is a good possibility and I needed to have it, yet the idea of it felt really wrong to my body. How it works is, the surgeon puts you under and sticks a long camera down your throat, all the way to your stomach, looking for signs of cancer. First, though, you sign 5 pages of health waivers and disclaimers, “in case anything happens.” Thank goodness my intuition took over and had me re-scheduling, postponing, until I didn’t need it anymore. I was able to overcome this approach that sent FEAR, FEAR, FEAR and PANIC, PANIC, PANIC alarms through my entire being (because energetically-speaking, it focuses on the problem rather than solution), for a natural healing approach that actually worked for me and rid me of acid reflux altogether.


-I also ended up in the emergency room a few times (double-edged sword, as mentioned above, remember?) and took Western drugs that, from my family’s perspective, are harmful, unnecessary, and not tested on humans for long enough, deeming you the pharmaceutical company’s guinea pig. Of course, I was looked at as the odd one out in the hospital, when I had severe side effects like tongue twisting and mild psychosis and toggling between dead sleeps and aggresssion (not in the hospital itself, but when I got home). I literally stopped working and checked out of life while experimenting with these drugs.


-last but not least, was the inaction mentioned above: staying in bed, sleeping most of my days away, and spending my waking hours moody and angry.


Talk about good times! Not.


Here’s the kicker, which is at the core of your dance with acid reflux, too.


It always comes down to abundance or lack mindset. Real world translation? MONEY!


Even after creating $30,000 in a week in my business - so I actually had that experience, and knew my power to that extent, the basis of my thinking was: natural healing is too expensive.


It’s true that I live in a country that does not support natural healing as part of national medical care, so people choosing (or in my case needing) these options, aside from naturopathic care, massage and chiropractic, pay out of pocket.




and this is a big BUT . . . 


every situation we find ourselves in, is a perfect opportunity for expansion, so, if you find yourself resonating with natural care, and there’s no money for it, you are 100% capable of creating the money.


I know this is difficult to digest, like really really difficult, for some of you reading this, especially, as I’m demonstrating here, that EVEN WITH MY EVIDENCE THAT I COULD DO IT, even with my bank account records showing $30,000 of sales generated in my solo coaching business in one week, and the famiy I was raised in, all my years of training into abundant mindset, PLUS my boyfriend’s medical plan even covered naturopathic care, chiropractic, and massage to move me forward in the healing process,


I still went into lack mindset, and I would not even put forth $125. to start the healing that I knew, deep in my bones, would actually make a difference.


Instead, I allowed all of my energy to drain, nearly lost my business (source of income) and got sicker then went into fear and began accepting fear-based medical advice that increased my stress and made my acid reflux worse.


BUT …. BUT …..


faith means knowing that just by virtue of you being in a situation, means you have what it takes to move through, and overcome it.


You do.


I do.


We all do, and it becomes a million percent easier to step into this wisdom and take empowered, healing action, when we remember this one thing:


all healing begins in the mind.



My worsening condition, was caused by those lack-based thoughts listed above.


And as soon as I snapped out of the state of being that those thoughts created for me, I turned everythign around. 

Here are the new thoughts that changed everything for me:


-I’ve got this!


-I’ve healed myself naturally before, and I’ll do it again.


-There’s more evidence of natural healing working for me, both in my personal and ancestral histories, than anything else.


-This is another opportunity to expand, into my true empowered and ecstatic way of being.


-There’s always money for my well-being when I tune into it and support myself with thoughts of well-being, first.


-The people around me, like my incredible boyfriend, can be inspired by my natural healing when I allow it, too.


-I choose to allow my intuition to guide my physical body healing because I know more than anyone else, no matter their degree or letters behind their name, what’s best for me.


Can you guess what actions this line of thinking inspired?


These are the actions I took that healed me when I built up a momentum with these thoguhts that aligned with my soul:




-began working with a woman most of the world would consider a “woo woo” medical intuitive, who is absolutely perfect for me. She is also a microscopist who examined my blood “live” under a microscope (much more effective than traditional blood samples, not to mention 99% less margin for error), and changed my diet to deal with yeast, which increased my energy, balanced my blood sugar and adrenals and hormones (which got rid of my constant fatigue) and gave endless suggestions for natural remedies, mostly with food, that, rid me of acid reflux overnight


Note that I’m not being purposely vague on what cured me here, it’s just that every person’s situation is unique, so I’m offering you the gift of knowing that exploring alternatives to find what is best for you is key. Experimenting with allopathic “blanket” medical solutions is what prolonged and worsened my acid reflux condition after all, which I would never want for you. It’s the advice most of the population is following, but it doesn’t mean it’s working!


Here’s the bottom line: you must change your thinking from thoughts like the old ones I’ve given above, to the new ones, to even open your intuition up to be able to guide you to the perfect solution for you.


Thoughts are the #1 creator of our reality, so taking care of the energy behind them and taking control over what energy your thoughts create, by thinking thoughts that work for you and generate the energy you need to be inspired by and act upon methods that will actually heal your acid reflux, is everything.


XO Success Coach Gina

Gina Silvestri