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WHAT IF YOU HAD ALL THE TIME IN THE WORLD .... What if you had all the time in the world to nap whenever you felt like it?

That’s what animals in the woods do.

If they’re healing a wound, they nap more than usual, to make sure the body heals.

They give their body and soul what is needed, naturally.

They don’t have conditioned minds fighting their instincts, like we do. “No, no, you can’t have that!” “You’re asking too much” “That’ll cost too much.” THINK ABOUT IT ... why on earth would you have been born into a planet that makes you struggle for what you need?

That forces you to deny what will make you thrive??? IS THIS REALLY WHAT YOU TRULY, HAND ON YOUR HEART BELIEVE?? Or did a sh*tty experience warp your mind away from what your soul, deep down, always knows is true?

No matter the abuse you’ve suffered.

No matter the stress around you right now.

No matter the unspeakable trauma.

You KNOW what’s true.

You KNOW what it was always meant to be like for you....that it can STILL be that way for you.

That it was a wound - one that can be healed and that the entire universe is always supporting that healing FOR YOU. In you. With you. Right now.

It’s just that when we’ve been through trauma we can sometimes get in the way of the deepest truths, because of UNTRUE beliefs that horrific experiences invite us to believe about ourselves.

IT’S MOMENTS LIKE THESE THAT CARRY OPPORTUNITIES THAT HOLD GALAXIES OF CREATIONAL POWER .... showing you the light of what’s actually possible ... ...reminding you that even though you didn’t have a choice back then, you do right now.

If you’re reading this, you do right now.

That’s where your greatest power lies!

And you can choose to keep leaking that power backward into the past or out and out of you, in relationships that re-traumatize you and drain your soul —OR—

You can say YES TO YOU....yes to keeping that sparkling 🔥 LIT UP 🔥 empowered energy for yourself.

To heal you.

To soothe you.

To expand all that you love right now

and give actual physical world life to what you dream of.

What do you choose?

XO Gina

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