People will do ANYTHING to try to knock you down, right when you are rising up most. Right when you are most vulnerable, laying down licking your wounds, preparing to rise even MORE, they come in for the kill.

These people are relentless. They’ve seen your power and either need to work through their inner world crap so they can even deal with the fact that someone in their world (you) is stepping up to the plate and playing life the way we are all meant to play it -juicy, all in, joyfully - OR - they need to tear you down so they don’t have to face what’s possible for them on the daily. They need you GONE because they can’t live with the reminder of what’s possible for them when they said no to stepping up.

It’s not easy to deal with this brand of person who goes on attack. I once had a lady illegally check my credit report when I first started my business, so she could prove I was a “no good liar” (her words) and send me endless emails saying “pay your bills Gina pay your bills Gina” like she owned me.

Meanwhile her and her husband were in the process of going bankrupt, while living in one of Vancouver’s most exclusive high end neighbourhood, holding up the facade that they were happily married too (I had an inside view to their world, lots of abuse it was very sad to witness actually).

Yet she kept attacking attacking attacking from her high horse, ordering me around, relentlessly attempting to shame me to my core.

I was only three years into this coaching business at that point, so I was vulnerable.

Her words got to me.

The shame seeped in.

I took on her horrible hypocritical energy even though I wasn’t lying about my financial situation to anyone! I was learning about money and going in feast and famine cycles at times, as my business grew, like every other entrepreneur who is starting out and didn’t yet have the wisdom to keep up with bill payments and manage their finances like a boss.

Well, I do now.

Six years later.

And I can see her for the snake she is. As well as a very hurt human being who is lashing out and engaging in illegal activities as part of her arsenal.

I see too why I fell into her shame trap and bought into some of the things she said about me, because I wasn’t strong enough to hold my own her.

I still had an innocent view of the world too, and people wanting to (in her case pretending to want to) help me and my business.

The thing I want you to see is that had I let her tear me and my business down I would be just as miserable today as she was back then. I would have drank the poison she was drunk on and contributed to killing my self.

Gross, right??!!

I mean, as empaths and highly sensitive women we are super susceptible to taking on the emotions of others - but we don’t have to be. We can learn the skills to manage people like this (who are thankfully quite rare) and continue on as the KICKASS entrepreneurs we were born to be.


This is life!

This is learning, right?

Growing. Maturing. Discernment.

And every snake experience clarified further for ourselves, WHO WE ARE, and who we are committed to showing up as in the world.

I may not have been keeping up with all of my bills at the time as I grew my business, but I sure as hell wasn’t spending my time tearing down others.

Remember this, my sensitive soul entrepreneur tribe: NOBODY AHEAD OF YOU IN BUSINESS WILL EVER TRY TO TEAR YOU DOWN.

They may pretend to be mightier than God and shoot bullets from their High Horse but they are worse off than you, in ways you’ll never know.

Don’t let them take you down.

You’re a warrior and even though the bullets sting at times, ultimately, nobody can take you down unless you give into the lies and pain and let them.


Success Coach Gina


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Gina Silvestri