People aren’t always “MEANT TO BE” your mirrors ...

People aren’t always “MEANT TO BE” your mirrors ...


People aren’t always MEANT TO BE your mirrors

There’s this concept in spiritual circles that drives me nuts every time I hear’s damaging to believe, but I bought into it FOR YEARS.

It’s the belief that everybody who comes into your world is your exact and perfect mirror....and it’s TOTAL BS.

You’ll spend years and years surrounded by low vibe people who don’t validate you, encourage you, celebrate you, engage with you, and overall treat you as the incredible human YOU ARE if you keep this crappy belief around.

THEN you’ll not only live depressed (who wouldn’t ???) you’ll also start to isolate yourself as a way of protection because you feel FORCED (by this shitty ass idea) to allow “all people who arrive by law of attraction” into your life because .... they’re just perfect for you right now at the perfect time, aren’t they?


The better concept to look at and a better way to think of this is wisdom from psychology ...


when they giggle

they need to see mama giggle and playfully engage too!!!

This validates their hearts, their basic existence.

It tells their souls THEY ARE SAFE in the physical world, to be all that they are. That they are valid enough to do this, every time.

Same goes when they are sad or frustrated ... they need to be responded to, mirrored back to, uplifted, celebrated, held warmly and safely in the world - it’s how they learn about feelings and they CANNOT THRIVE without this.

So I’m all for metaphysical wisdom and yes “like does attract like” ... but here’s the thing...

It’s not a prison sentence !!!!!!!

This wisdom isn’t meant to keep you trapped and have you accept and “appreciate” ( 🤢) all that’s around you simply because law of attraction brought it to you!


Because trauma attracts trauma too - So wounds living in you attract similar level wounds in others, and you can go round and round and round your whole life in wound land, if you keep believing that following reflections is your duty.

what is your duty is shifting what lies beneath so your energy is repelled from the round and round of wound space.

thats how you get down and off.

Appreciate what gives you the mama-baby synchronized juiciness and then





Do not keep allowing someone to stonewall and still face your wonderful efforts and deep human need (that never goes away no matter how old you get by the way) just because you feel you HAVE TO ACCEPT WHAT YOU GET

You absolutely do not.

You get to let the 💩 💩 💩 go and RUN TO the people who do give you the glorious synchronicity that feels fucking incredible

Because that’s what you are meant to be living in 💜💜💜💜

Nothing less.


P.S ….

Gina Silvestri