It’s that time of year 🎄 when allllll the collective consciousness energy is focussing on “what do I want to accomplish next year?”

Many of you are watching Mentors you want to hire to help ensure your businesses really expands in 2019....

....because you’re flippin’ TIRED of carrying around this gorgeous business vision in your heart, and not living it (not anywhere close to it) in your physical world.

So you’re watching their videos

Reading their posts

Maybe you’ve even reached out to them to ask about their mentor ship offering ... like how much it is or how it works and when it starts ...

Then, the minute you *KNOW* you’re meant to just press the register button and do the thing with that Mentor you’re meant to work with right now ...


and all the WHAT IFS come marching into your brain like soldiers (on the wrong mission ... holding you down vs letting you burst into growth)

....what if you invest the money and you don’t make things happen in your business ???

....what if you go broke or you’re left more broke after the experience than you are right now ??

....what if you really can do it on your own if you just apply yourself and you find that out right after you register, then you have ZERO chance of getting your money back?THIS IS YOUR OLD/FEAR-BASED MIND, THE ONE YOU WANT TO TONE DOWN A LITTLE (OKAY, A LOT) AND HAVE IT STOP RULING YOUR LIFE AND THE BUSINESS VISION YOUR SOUL *KNOWS* IS MEANT FOR YOU!

And it’s a part of you right now ... if you’re honest.... you know it’s running the show which is why you’re shopping for a mentor in the first place anyway (smart!)

And it’s ok!!!

That part of you needs acceptance and love and compassion more than anything right now, as you commit deeper into this transformational work.

So if you hold this loving soft energy toward yourself right now, giving this your #1 focus instead of the fear,

making decisions about who to hire when or how from THIS place

Instead of the FEAR place that pressures you so hard and does not make you feel good AT ALL ...

What comes up for you?

What do you know for sure?

Which mentor and which program?

This is how you know who to hire, Dearest!!!!

Negative pressure is not the way to go. Scaring forcing and pushing yourself in a yucky abusive way, throwing yourself into a gross toxic energy you wouldn’t wish upon your worst energy!!!


Make it a good, grounded decision-making process.

Feel into what means most to you and what feels DEEPLY RIGHT to you and give a Divine No to anyone pressuring you.

Let their sales deadlines pass ...

Let their “limited spaces” run out ...

Let the New Year hype pass if these dates don’t mean as much to you as they do everyone else!!!

As a mentor myself, i sure as hell wouldn’t want anyone joining my world as a mentorship  client in that yucky high pressure energy!!! 🤢

I believe people just KNOW when it’s their time, who their next mentor is ... and it has nothing to do with me. It has to do with them and Great Spirit!!! Their Soul!!! Creative Intelligence!!! Their Inner Guidance.

My job is to be here for the ones who are ready, and share what is available and my prescriptions for what’s needed after they decide I’m the mentor for them and officially enter my world.

So what do you “watch out for” when hiring a mentor?

#1 is whether they try to pressure you.

Now, there is a “callling your ass to more” pressure that naturally happens when you’re around someone (physically or in their energy online) that is living the way you want to be right now....but that is POSITIVE PRESSURE ... the kind that arises before you get on stage for the first time or say I DO .... it’s beautiful growth pressure that you’ve chosen yourself - to grow! You endure the growing pains of it consciously because the result it worth it to you, nobody is forcing or manipulating or coercing you in any way to do it.

Your body KNOWS it’s best and there’s a “hang on this is a normal blip of fear that happens it will be over in a minute” feeling to it.

Making sure that mentor has actually achieved what you want to achieve is key too, so you’re certain they’ll be there to catch you on the other side after you make the leap (note: make no mistake, Mentors don’t do the work for you, but you sure as hell have got to feel SAFE in their presence and certain they’ve got your back when shit gets scary ... that’s a main reason you’re hiring them after all!!).

So the bottom line?

Your soul just knows.

Period, the end.

The details of their program don’t actually matter.

The pretty colours of their marketing doesn’t actually matter.

The ONLY thing that matters is whether it’s a HELL YES inside your body or not...

....because, that’s the ONLY way you can’t go wrong!!

All else is external influence and factors external to you that have no business being part of your decision making.

Inside of you, it’s yes, or it’s no.


That’s all 💜

XOXO  Gina


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Gina Silvestri