I was hiding something from you yesterday.

While I was writing that bacon post, which talked about me now being able to eat the exact amount of bacon that my body needs, instead of eating emotionally,

I kept having inklings of *MORE* to say on the whole overeating topic, that I did not end up saying.

We’re SO USED TO shutting that side of us down, automatically.

Get back down, you - (we seem to say) - you don’t belong here.


It also feels embarrassing and humiliating, largely because of the time we happen to be living in here on planet earth.

It’s closer to the era when women were burnt at the stake for talking about the power of intuition, than the era, which lasted a lot longer, but was further away in time (and therefore our human memory)

—that era when we were all so freakin’ connected to nature that we couldn’t NOT activate, engage and play with our psychic powers and intuitive abilities, if we tried.

That’s the part of me I told to shut up 🤐 while writing yesterday’s blog post.

  • I needed to get on with my day ... (I told myself: lie lie lie!!!)

  • I should get more exercise in right away it’s more of a priority than sitting on my butt writing right now (biggest lie EVER!! I mean I had just gotten back from hiking AND there’s nothing more important than expressing and sharing these messages from my soul!!)

  • Besides most people will reject me when I talk about that stuff so what’s the point of putting myself through the public humiliation and pain of rejection (  👈 seriously???? There’s a whole world of people living in the highest collective consciousness here on earth and I have met and travelled with and know hundreds of them!!)

So what was I hiding and why was I hiding it from you??

Here’s the truth: the biggest reason that I, in 2004, after twenty-nine years of being active healthy and slim, not having a CLUE what it was like to be overweight at all - gained a whole extra person’s worth of weight was ….

  • NOT JUST because of the insane compulsive and depression-inducing side effects of taking pharmaceuticals for PTSD after a life of living natural without drugs, and

  • NOT JUST because of the addictive chemicals in the crappy food I was eating after a lifetime of eating natural and mostly processed food-free, either!!

  • was NOT AT ALL because I was a lazy sloth!!


Every one of those reasons, while they’re what I believed at the time, because it’s all I knew back then, thirteen years ago (just like becoming a raw food vegan to lose all the weight quickly was all I knew back then too!!)...

THE REAL TRUTH IS THAT I began doing what I’ve now seen hundreds of highly intuitive so-called “psychic” women do (we are all actually psychic some of us just embrace it more and choose to master it):

I ate to *ground myself* after being in such high frequencies and energies and planes of consciousness that I have so loved to dance and play with my whole life...since I was a wee girl!!

I never overate as a kid to deal with the change in frequency that can really mess with our human brains - I never did in my teens or most of my twenties either - but back in 2004, when Canada’s second largest child murder investigation case landed on my desk, when I was working for a government as a family counsellor who wrote court reports for children between ages 12-18, to inform the court of their life behind the scenes, so they were tried fairly and justly,

I began accessing higher frequencies (as I always had) to keep my energy high and focussed to give that family and that case and our community everything I had in me to make what happened, what I perceived to be a big “wrong” at the time, right again - right as it could be, anyway.

And that’s what happens when there’s unresolved trauma in your energy already (read about the incident of public trauma that caused me to receive my initial diagnosis of PTSD in my blog), then a NEW trauma pops into your life suddenly, to try to take its toll on you, for reasons I now understand and appreciate so much,

all this compound trauma before proper skill and mastery and insight is achieved takes up SO MUCH BANDWITH in our human bodies,that you start to believe there’s a limit in what you can handle in life (also a bunch of baloney) and then your entire system crashes when you hit that limit and you stop being INCREDIBLE RESILIENT YOU!

When you play in the ethers it’s really hard to “come down” when you don’t know the tools to use to do so!

So, at twenty-eight, after accessing the highest energies I could at the time to help my community resolve the murder of that child, I ate to ground myself when I didn’t know different. And that’s the FULL, more complete truth.

Hence me now titling this Part Two of yesterday’s Bacon post 🙂🙂🙂👌👌👌

Another time, when I was switching from those raw food vegan days into “regular” eating again, I had an Access Consciousness Session with one of our local Shamans, and my frequency was so high, I didn’t know what to do to bring myself “back down” again after. So, I ate a whole large pizza to myself in one sitting!!!

I don’t think she knew how to ground me back down either, or surely she would have done so straight after, or told me how to myself, and I also remember her saying after the session that she was so hungry she could eat an entire buffalo 🐃,

but I’m still grateful for the experience anyway because I received wayyyy more from the experience than the damage eating a pizza at one sitting could do,

(my digestive system worked it through me at light speed magic anyway; to my surprise there weren’t ANY ill consequences in my physical body, although I was so full I at first started falling asleep sitting up that night!!),

All of this to say, there’s a whole lot more that goes on when a woman who’s been through trauma gains weight than meets the eye.

And honestly it looks bad on people who hate on women with larger bodies, as they’re not considering all of these things, this bigger deeper picture.

At the very least, it shows what shallow waters they’re swimming in in this lifetime....which we don’t have to, and we don’t!

Our tribe rolls with authentic truth and dancing with the depth and magic around us on the’s why I’m so GRATEFUL FOR YOU!!

Whether we’ve personally connected or not, know that I feel you - my soul tribe! My soul fam! And we are doing this life, if only energetically for right now, together.

I love you!
Keep dancing in the truth,


Gina Silvestri