This is definitely me lately as I experience big change in my life. Some amazing, some painful.


As I move through, I’ve noticed I’ve been spending more than ever on clothes. 


Synchronized with the universe I #ofcourse just “happened” to walk in on store after store having Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales all week, which technically had my hunting-for-more instinct turned on high - but something deeper was going on .... which is probably going on for you right now as we head into holiday shopping mania season.


As I sit in the middle of all these jeans, pants, makeup, dresses, shirts and a zillion (okay maybe 5) of the same types of sweaters, that literally look almost the same ... I close my eyes and tuned into my soul...for you and for me.


QUESTION: “What’s really going on here?” 


IMMEDIATE RESPONSE: Lack of soul expression. 


You see, for us empaths and highly sensitive ladies, expression is paramount. 


We cannot live openly or in any kind of thriving mode when we aren’t expressing ourselves - from our CORE. From our GUTS. From the soul!!!


When we feel stifled and stopped from doing that on a day to day basis, this unstoppable need within will leak out in other ways - like shopping way more than usual, sometimes even when we don’t have the money and it therefore ends up hurting us (which is where the suffix “a-holism” comes into being). 


NOTE I’m *not* talking about smartly using credit cards (aka money we don’t technically have YET) to shop, nor am i talking about splurging and indulging in shopping extravaganzas from time to time, especially during those key times when these are actually necessary, right before a massive uplevel.


What I *AM* talking about is expressing ourselves those other times, through clothes, jewelry, hairstyles, eyelashes, fun finger and toenail shades ... whatever the shopping brings for you. 


THAT’S THE CULPRIT .. the deep need to express yourself from a soul level on the regular. 


When this expression isn’t happening, maybe due to big change in your life, where all your habits and routines are turned on their heads, and your usual light speed growth track seems painstakingly slow ... 


...whatever the reason, if it’s not happening, your soul, unless it’s brought to the point where it’s left your body (which does happen after a time), WILL pour through and express itself in other ways.

A main way in our culture, no doubt due to social conditioning, is for women to shop and shop and shop. This is where the term “retail therapy” comes in. It’s a core way to express our essence into the world as we choose the eyelid shades and hair styles and tones and tops and bottoms and ohhhh those shoes. 

The result of the process of shopping is the expression of our soul. It’s a way of saying “here I am! Look at me!” and “I fit in” or “I’m unique” and “I love my life and have fun” and “I feel good about myself” and “I matter.” 

This is hitting basic human needs in a way that goes way beyond just wanting to escape daily life or change things up a bit in your closet. 

Shopping can be used to celebrate. It can be used to clothe and decorate your body.  And it can be used to point you to what’s been missing, so you can get re-aligned and back on the only track that matters in life: your soul track.

 So as I stand amidst this abundance of new clothes and accessories, wearing my newest outfit, I say YES to this and all other amazing insights on their way, that allow me to re-align quick and not go too far off onto yucky paths (although even where we do there is learning and growth and beauty to be found there too 💜).

It’s the greatest gift and pleasure of being an empath in this crazy material world, after all.

Here’s to conscious expression, soul care, and conscious investing as we move into the Holiday Season, My Loves!!!

XOXO Success Coach Gina  


PS....Message me if you’re looking for support to BLAST THROUGH any yuckiness!! I’ve opened up a ton of space in my schedule to support my empaths through the holiday season as always xoxo 😘  



Gina Silvestri