IT’S TIME TO SUIT UP, BEEEATCH!!! YOU DON’T NEED MONEY TO DO WHAT YOU REALLY WANT TO DO IN LIFE.... It’s an excuse we humans use sometimes to avoid facing the hard stuff.... To avoid facing how much we dislike ourselves and our lives when we aren’t fulfilling the vision for our business and life *exactly* as we see it ... exactly as we’ve ALWAYS seen it since we were little girls.

It’s sickening really, how we will so readily accept “less than” that vision that’s been blueprinted in our hearts and souls since the day we were born-

AND FOR WHAT???!!??? Mindlessly scrolling on Facebook? (Been there)

Nitpicking at our spouses to create ever-so distracting drama? (Been there)

Or how about eating too much of that comfort food to numb out and have our bodies feel as crappy as our hearts do when we are avoiding our soul’s mission and work in the world (been there more times than I want to admit)

SO LET’S DO THIS INSTEAD, SHALL WE??? .... Let’s plug into *exactly* what we are meant to do and hold onto that like our life depends on it.

It does.

Nothing works when our core is not engaged and our energy isn’t ON FIRE with what we love and what means most to us.

It’s that fire energy that changes the world, after all - that helps the people we are meant to help through our businesses, and keeps our own health vibrant and powerful enough to even have the energy to do it in the first place, and then keep going.

Are you IN for lighting this fire 🔥 like never before and keeping it so LIT that all the excuses and old destructive habits and fire get burned away automatically,

and all we are left with is this LONG EXHALE because at last our life has become what we’ve always envisioned it to be,

and we’ve at last become unstoppable - which is when the money we’ve always dreamed of having in our bank accounts arrives anyway.

You don’t need to hire me or anyone to get started though, everything you need is already inside of you right now.

I’m just asking on YOUR SOUL’S BEHALF, right now, woman to woman:


PS... If you DO want to join forces and invest in yourself and your business to make the journey faster and a little more fun, I’m here to support you!! I offer private phone calls or online video calls. I also do Forest Walk ‘ N Talks in person, if you are local to the Vancouver area. Send me a message and I’ll send you all the details. Joining energies and tapping into this POWER TO CREATE LIFE EXACTLY AS WE ARE MEANT TO BE LIVING IT is the most fulfilling, empowering, abundant experience we can have. I’m already ALL IN, all you’ve gotta do is reach out to me ... email Gina at life Coach Gina dot calm, now! (spelled my email addy this way on purpose to avoid bot spammers, but you know what I mean) 

Gina Silvestri