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Perhaps you’ve never heard anyone talk like this before.

The first time I heard anything remotely close to this idea that I need to charge more money to help others, and that charging less money could actually be hurting others, my poverty mentality came out with guns-a-blazing:

What a scam!

How dare anybody talk like that, let alone a rich white woman (uh hello crazy voice in my head...I grew up with nothing and figured things out on my own THANK YOU VERY MUCH lol lol)

How could charging more help people when most people don’t have money or worry about money- sounds like a load of BS.

Brainwashing by online marketers that is!

She’s just trying to sell you something, be careful it’s a trick.

Hmm...that voice sure does get hot and passionate in my head.

Without writing down what these inner voices (rooted in belief systems and unhelpful thought programs) are saying to us on a daily basis though, we can’t stay on top of them - and they can take over our lives, keeping our bank accounts empty and us off purpose (which feels like death to our souls 💀).

Here’s the thing, Ms. Crazy Pants voice-in-my-head, and perhaps the one in yours too, my Beloved Reader:

Not everyone is at a level in their growth where paying $47. for a program or coaching session will serve them.

I define “serving” here as pulling them forward into their next level of potential and growth, also known as: achieving their goals.

How can we stretch far enough to make it to a different place if we aren’t pulled? 

How could it work if that process wasn’t uncomfortable? Doesn’t the definition of growth (achieving a goal that is a different life experience than where you are now) have inherent to it *change* which is by nature uncomfortable?


So aren’t you literally asking to get uncomfortable for a bit, in exchange for the result? 


And don’t you show up like a ninja with willingness to make things work when you’ve invested an amount of money that is a bit of stretch for you (vs one that isn’t a big deal at all)?


of course you do! 


People are at different levels with their money growth, and just because there are women who have worked themselves hard enough in their businesses to be now making good money, doesn’t mean THEY don’t deserve help too, right?


Part of helping them is charging more for your service and product (down Ms Crazy Pants voice...down!! I’m getting to the deeper explanation bit!!! 😂😂😂)

So, for example, you’re a business coach like me and you’re SO DAMN GOOD at what you do, that the people who were BROKE when they first started following you, or working with you, are now making really good money.

Since investing money into a mentor or online course pulls us forward and motivates us to get off the sofa and work our businesses when web hit a rough patch in our healing and development - these rough patches,by the way, are 100% always part of every growth process and what every mentor or person wanting to make a difference in the lives of their clients going through them, is meant to support them moving through, to really and truly “help” them....

...So, your incredible beautiful soul of a client whom you love and adore and feel called to support so much, is sitting on that sofa about to hit play and dive into a crock pot full of Mac’N’Cheese or some other numbing creamy delight, with a row of coconut-almond bars lined up beside them…

their mind twirling for a life raft of ANY KIND, *anything* to pop them out and back into the state where they feel so good about themselves and are super joyfully productive again,

and the $47 they paid you passes by their desperate state of mind like an anvil holding them down, instead of a life raft lifting them up and out.

Their thoughts might go something like this: “I only paid $47 so who cares” or “something that low can’t make a difference anyway, you pay for what you get” and SMASH into those promising-to-numb-the-pain snacks they go.

If you had enacted a structure with a higher investment level though, it would be a different story. (otherwise we gave the mentor all that money for nothing and who wants to do that), so keeping your prices at a $47 mark to “help them out” isn’t helping them at all.

The thoughts. in the scenario where you charged an amount significant enough to them, would go more like this: “SH*T I better get off my butt if I don’t want to lose that $500” or “what the hell am I doing right now? Gina’s program has JUST THE THING to snap me out of this, so let me go listen to an audio and watch a few of her videos before I continue down THIS path…”

When they’re sitting on the sofa during a hard/lower motivation episode, thinking about slacking off, $47 isn’t going to get them off the couch. They need $500 or $1500 or even $5000 to get them off, depending on what income level they’ve reached - in other words, the number that is meaningful enough TO THEM to get them up and moving again, otherwise it’s Gilmore Girls and This is Us marathons for them!

These people can even go backward in progress if they stay there too long ...

Now, you could argue that you don’t mind if they go to someone else for help at that next level, and that you only want to help people in the $47 range, which is fair enough (applaudable even if you’ve got your niche and exact step you help them with down to that level of precision), but I’m guessing something deeper is going on here ... *especially* if you’re still reading THIS FAR ❤️

From the mindset perspective, there usually is something deeper …. so I’m guessing that you DO care to help these people continue on and deep down you WOULD like to be supported yourself (financially) at a higher level - which, after all allows, you to serve more of those $47 people and better, when you’ve got more money and time to do so !!! 

So I think you do want this, you just have, like all humans (#human) gunk going on inside of you that’s clogging this pathway to receiving more up.

Terrifying, breath-robbing, freeze you up, run-for-the-donuts kind of gunk, mind you!

Because nobody is sitting outside of your front door ready to break it down at the first sign of you asking for more money for your products or services, it just FEELS that way.


Besides even if they were, you can deal with it when they show themselves, and release them from your community so the space is happier and more uplifting for all.  


You can also get rid of the gunk  INSIDE OF YOU that magnetized them to you in the first place!

To be honest, it surprised me the first time I raised my prices, and it surprises every one of my clients, that when you do it, nothing happens … nothing, no drama….UNTIL somebody purchases it at your highest price point, then you’ll be blown off your chair, in the best of ways.

{{{Note….and this is a very IMPORTANT THING TO NOTE: this only works when the price you’ve chosen is an accurate match in energetic frequency….you can’t just raise it up for the sake of doing it, choosing any random number, and expect this to work- although it does work sometimes, due to chance and the randomness factor - it’s more like playing the lottery. it just won’t work in the long run. It’s not guaranteed to work when you walk into the Price-Raising Casino the first time, either, because you likely haven’t mastered the process of accurately pinpointing the price point that’s best for you, so proceed wisely here!}}}

Okay. so here’s what’s really going on beneath the hood of that brilliant mind of yours, and how to increase your prices in a way that helps people MORE, instead of hurting them (and you):

*Fear of having to show up in much greater ways than you are right now (which you WILL have to).

*Fear of what others will think if you charge more

*Fear of not being able to really help them or “give them their money’s worth” if you charge more!

* 👈 Fill in the blank with your own here! Or book a session with me to help you figure it out if you need help identifying this.

(The fears are endless and rooted so deep they truly terrify us on every level - I know cause I’ve experienced virtually every one of them!!)

Listen, nobody is asking you to flaunt your prices and profit margins all over the internet (though if that feels good then all the power to you!!), what I am saying is you may be surprised what happens when you open the door to receiving more for your company, and you, for this incredible work you do. You might find it’s exactly what was meant for you! 

That your business works better because you’re helping more people, now that you can invest in the best mentors and support for yourself, whenever you want and need it (who DOESN’T SHOW UP stronger and more vibrantly when we know someone has our back and we always have them to turn to when we need them, after all?)

I’m also saying that Elon Musk (like all significantly wealthy people) has a diversified portfolio - translated to your business as offering products and services at different price levels - and he, again, like most seriously wealthy people, wasn’t closing doors to opportunities to receive financial support, particularly when he was just starting out in business!

And that God/Universe/Great Spirit/Source wants you to have the experience of being fully abundant in life, including financially (it’s even all over the Bible if you read it with the perspective I’m giving you today to light it up with 🔦)

Plus there’s that old saying “give a woman a fish, she’ll eat for a day. teach a woman to fish, she’ll eat for life”

You’re empowering others MOST and empowering yourself MOST when you’re allowing Higher Energies to support you as you’ve always meant to be supported.

Charging more calls you to more, and your clients to more - and make no mistake, that’s what we were all born for! To expand into our next levels of greatness constantly!!! Not stay comfortable and small and living exactly as we did yesterday, if not worse off.

And by the way this isn’t knocking having lower-priced items in your business, I love the products I price lower just as much as my higher priced items (check out my most popular lower priced course HERE) because I love helping people at ALL income levels - and I remember when a $47 product changed my entire life for the better and was the EXACT next step I needed to get to where I am today!!!!

This doesn’t negate the fact though, that raising your prices balances your energy and business, even as you read this, by expunging resistance to opening up the door to receiving more money in your life.

Are you saying YES with me??

XOXO Success Coach Gina 

PS. Need help figuring out exactly how much to charge for your products or services??? Want to know what the next best price is for you energetically and how to deal with what that means for it and the shock of it??? Because for 99.9% of everyone reading this your prices are meant to be MUCH higher than they are right now - and that’s a big reason you’re actually not selling anything right now!! It feels counter-intuitive I know I KNOW- it did for me too when I first started learning all this stuff. Once you dive deep with me in a group or private session it will all make sense. If you’re ready to stop making business so damn hard on yourself, join Bosses in Pajamas for the special holiday pricing rate - CLICK HERE NOW


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