If you want to make money online, TRUTH is the road you must follow.

There’s a lie that traumatized people get duped into believing, that stops money from coming into and staying in their worlds, every time.

This lie immobilizes you with guilt and shame.

The lie is that you are ANYTHING BUT a thriving, loving, glorious soul who is right now on your way to fulfilling your deepest needs for healing and thriving in life.

This includes making the money you need to heal your past trauma, get the rest you need, then find the work you love to keep yourself supported and financially independent, for good.

You can’t do that when you’re bought into limiting lies about yourself, perpetuated by people who mean well, but just don’t get what having been through trauma is all about.

People who DON’T GET IT are constantly calling traumatized people “selfish” for instance. 

I see why they’re doing it.

They’re not living with the constant aching, the never-ending urges to run away and hide (for good), the confusing emotional flashbacks that sideswipe you and flood you with emotions, generating behaviours you can’t even believe you’re partaking in!

You know the ones, those behaviours that non-traumatized people call “bad” behaviour.

When you live with ALL THAT, or when you’ve healed past the “untreated” stage and made it to the other side, where you’re now helping people heal, you understand that traumatized people aren’t selfish in that “bad” sense at all.

Instead, they live on a merry-go round that not only spins endlessly, it also lifts right up off the earth and never fully finds grounding - not until it’s treated and fully resolved.

They’re also desperate for peace and warm connection, but don’t always know how to achieve it. They WANT TO feel happy and creatively expressed, but it’s not always easy to step into.

At times, they HAVE TO isolate too (which we can re-phrase to enjoy solitude) to focus on themselves, in order to experience the one thing every human on the planet needs, in order to get out of survival mode, and feel safe enough live and thrive: security.

Viewing yourself through this compassionate lens is essential to releasing the grip that lies people tell about traumatized people has on you. Only then will you feel empowered enough to protect yourself, respond to, and released any internalized beliefs inside of you relating to such nonsense lies.

Once food and shelter and physical security are taken care of, emotional security must be met. This means feeling and knowing that you are solid and steady with you emotions, even when the most otherwise discombobulating emotional memory comes to throw you off your game.

Having the skills to manage such flashbacks, and other intense situations and triggers in life, creates confidence!

This fulfils your deep need for emotional security that every human needs, in order to move on past “survival zone” living, and into “thriving zone” living where you feel you’re not only enjoying life, now that you feel safe and steady, but that you can now become contributing members of society, and have the solidity within yourself to focus on “selfless” intentions and acts and projects that people who haven’t been through trauma seem to do so effortlessly.

In fact, and I say this from experience, you’ll become fully immune to limiting identities that people try to shove onto you - those very identities that kill your ability to fulfil your deepest desires and vision for your life, including your ability to gather the financial resources required to actualize them.

These identities make you feel like …

  • You’re selfish.  

  • You only think of yourself. 

  • You’re incapable of caring for others. 

Even though others are categorizing you or stereotyping you this way, IT’S THE FURTHEST THING FROM THE TRUTH! 

You wouldn’t give a damn about healing, and you certainly wouldn’t be reading this right now if you fell into these destructive personality types.

You’re working THIS hard on yourself because you know you’re meant for so much more - including being surrounded by people who don’t see you in such a horrible light, when it’s the furthest thing from the truth. 

Their lack of compassion has nothing to do with you. 

You’re *not* an OGRE, like the media tries to portray traumatized humans or people with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

EVEN IF you’re reactive at times!

EVEN IF you act in ways you yourself hate sometimes! 

I keep thinking of the Beast character in Beauty and the Beast as I type this, how isolated he was, how much shame and self-hatred and pain he lived with, UNTIL it was all revealed to be an illusion to him - which is all this self-hatred and sabotage and self-destruction really freakin’ is!

As soon as he realizes this he steps into a love with a beautiful woman (inside and out) who he wouldn’t have even imagine would have given him a second glance, while he was living inside the lie.

ALL traumatized people are trained to believe such lies, often at an early age - a message the actual trauma they experienced engrains in them loud, deep and clear: you’re not worthy, nobody will love you, you don’t deserve anyone or anything. 

You may find yourself playing out these lies THAT OTHER PEOPLE IMPOSED ONTO YOU, that have nothing to do with who you truly are, at all.

They must be unlearned and the truth re-programmed into your bones - NOT by those people calling you selfish, by the people who have been there. Who’ve actually healed and returned to the highly empathic, loving, graceful, warm compassionate hearts we were all born with.

I laughed so hard when I first realized this for myself. That I’d been living a lie, which I didn’t need to play out anymore. I couldn’t stop laughing! That freeing Buddha Belly laughter, that had me seeing the silly-ness of it all, and the truth that I didn’t have to suffer anymore.

Like, ever. 

Years and decades and sometimes whole lifetimes believing the lies that trauma creates, when none of it had any merit whatsoever - not even an iota of it. 

Give yourself the forgiveness and love and tenderness and compassion you need, because that’s what the true, lasting healing you so deeply want actually involves.

It all starts with you, Beauitful!

Your inner world is where healing can really happen, where you really start to shine and see your own value - even though it’s just YOU AND YOU in there right now 😉 

So plug your ears on them and turn away from the nasty things others say, it’s their stuff to deal with on their own anyway - it never has anything to do with you.

You get to focus on you now, get that healing you’ve always wanted, and become the woman you’ve always wanted to be ... starting right now 💜

XOXO Success Coach Gina

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Gina Silvestri