Ask anyone who has worked for my company in the early years when I was first starting out, whether it’s my website hosting company or even my domain name provider, and they would have told you: “Gina prefers the VIP done-for-you approach, when it comes to technology.

Of course, I prefer VIP treatment because…VIP!

But when you’re first starting out, who can afford VIP? Not me.

AND….there was another sneaky little sniggly little reason behind this technology thing for me, which still runs the energy of millions of online entrepreneurs who have been through trauma, especially those of us falling into the Generation X age group category.

See if you recognize yourself in the thoughts this mindset gremlin generates:

I didn’t grow up with technology.

It frustrates me to NO END.

I don’t have the patience for technology.

I’m more spiritual, not technical.

Technology isn’t for me.

I’m just not techy!!!

Congratulations! Resonating with these thoughts means that you’re human (haha). What human doesn’t have occasional frustrations with technology, right?

The real issue that arises and makes it more than just about being #human, is when you take it on as part of your identity. This is something mindset coaches like myself can spot and help you clear, which we will do right now, using an example from my own life.

Back in 2009, when I first started this online mentoring business, “I don’t know how to (insert virtually ANY technical task here)” was part of my regular vernacular.

I would spend countless hours watching YouTube videos on the main goal I had, which was sharing my blog articles to as many people as possible, using technology to leverage by posting to several sites at the same time, as soon as I hit “publish” on my blog post, so that I didn’t have to use my time posting on every site I wanted to share on, at once.

Hours and hours of research left me still not understand after investing all that time and energy.

Frustration, of course, was the natural result! I also felt like a failure when things didn’t get done in my business, because the frustration took over and I’d quit for the day, which delayed many many profit-generating tasks from being completed - and back then, as is the case with many new entrepreneurs, being financially supported by my business WAS EVERYTHING.

As time wore on and internet business took hold and solutions for affordable leverage solutions that bloggers like me could implement themselves arose, I thought my prayers were answered! I could just use a user-friendly system and do things myself, with the support of the companies who created the solutions.


Not exactly ….

It was somewhat better, because at the very least, unlike the research-on-Youtube method I was using before, I had “help lines” to call now! Except….as it turned out, they ended up being just an extension of the same pattern I’d experienced before:

They would try and try and try (and try again) to explain to me what to do, how to make this happen for me, simply and quickly, but to no avail.

I get frustrated and want to give up, so I call them, invest hours of time (literally) on the phone with them, as they tried to sort things out, or try to teach me to do so, and when they had to “file a ticket” (don’t you hate that phrase? lol) and wait to hear back from someone in a different department on it, the same thing would happen.

I would end up exhausted, and no further ahead - which took its toll on my self-esteem as a business owner.


At the same time the world was advancing and solving Generation X’s technology challenges (Thank you Millenials!!!), something else was going on in my business and personal world.

I was mastering the art of mindset.

As my clients approached me with their own technological frustrations, and aside from recommending the top notch companies I was already working with, who could only do so much at the time, I had to find another way to solve their “I’m not Techy” challenges.

What I uncovered is, that just like the money challenges they were having (which was and still is the main thing people hire me for), it wasn’t really about the technology at all.

It’s never about technology itself, just like it’s never really about the money.

Armed with this insight, I was now empowered because I was led back to my natural talent, what I do best in the world!


Using the arsenal of techniques to uncover and shift what’s going on in the subconscious mind, like journalling, tapping, meditation, reiki, I worked and worked and WORKED on this block

- I even hired a mindset mentor of my own to help me see my blind spots -

I wasn’t giving up until it was done because I refused to let something like this interfere with or slow down my business success!

So if it wasn’t about technology itself, how the world just isn’t advanced enough yet to get me the technological solutions I needed to succeed in business, so I was left to just “wait and see” what happened next (RED FLAG!!!!BS ALERT!!!!)….then what was it?


Wait for it ….


It actually had nothing to do with technology at all.

Fear of being so visible when I’d reach my goal and solve this technical problem of not being able to publish to six sites at once, was the culprit.

How do I know?

Because as soon as I resolved that issue within me, the accurate naming of it being a crucial step in the process, the block cleared.

In an instant.

When I did the mindset work that stopped me from subconsciously feeling TERRIFIED of showing my blog articles to that many people at once, when I became 100% certain and clear that I NEEDED to share at that level, that I COULDN’T NOT, that ultimately I wouldn’t be completely fulfilled at the soul level until I did?

Everything shifted.

The solution arose so quickly it wasn’t funny!

I literally typed “how to share blog posts with

Sounds simple. Anybody could have done that from the get-go, right?


Not when you have mindset blogs, because living with those, is like living in fog - you can’t see two feet in front of you.

You’re no longer able to perform simple tasks like driving, something you do every single day without thinking, because of the fog.

Mindset blocks are that fog.

Suddenly, you don’t know what to google, or even remember TO GOOGLE in the first place, even though normally you solve problems in your business every day by Googling!

As my leveraging example demonstrates: mindset directly is the solution, every time!

In fact, as soon as I hit publish on this post I’m typing right now, it will be sent out to SEVEN social media sites at once, without even a second thought by me.

This means I have two hours of extra time in my day, to work on things I love, like creating more videos, serving my clients through my online group mentoring programs and private 1:1 mentoring programs, and writing more articles to help both people who are my clients and people are not my clients everywhere!

Now THAT feels good … exactly how a life free of debilitating, frustrating mindset blocks is meant to be!

XOXO Success Coach Gina

Gina Silvestri