Maybe you hate that control-freak “managerial” part of yourself who needs to be on top of every little thing, even in the most relaxing and fun environments.

Or maybe you don’t like embodying that aggressive, protective Mama Bear side of you that comes out sometimes out of nowhere to sideswipe you and whoever else happens to be in your vicinity at the time.

You could also be like me, who, for many years *could not stand* to even consider or look at the most hurt and damaged parts of myself, because that threatened open up a can of worms so putrefying and intense I didn’t think I’d survive it.

This is a very real experience for trauma survivors! Trauma, by definition, means you experienced an event that you didn’t think you’d survive through, and invisible emotional memories make you re-live them, or fear re-living them -in my case constantly - until the trauma has been fully resolved in your brain and being.

So how do you go about dealing with these scary parts of you so that they stop running or interrupting your life?

The answer is always: treat these parts of you like you would a terrified child coming to you for help!

They may be running at you like a freight train at the most inopportune time possible, and sometimes all at once, but approaching and receiving them with tenderness is the ONLY way. 

Thus goes beyond traditional “inner child” work though. It’s deep integration work that will involve a number of different modalities over a period of time, but without tender self-compassion and warmth, generated by you and only you, for you, you’ll be left with debilitating fear that will demolish your business, your finances, your social relationships and your physical health.

One by one by one by one. 

Because the sad truth is, nobody can replace the love that we didn’t receive during our trauma. That time is gone now. That phase of our life is gone now.

The only thing left is you - and you get to now be that person you’ve always wanted, FOR YOURSELF.

You need you right now, Beautiful Soul!

So cuddle up in a blanket and tell those scary parts of yourself, which are really just aggressive “protective” parts that are acting out in reaction to unhealed wounds living inside you, that it’s okay.

That you appreciate the protective intention that so aptly saved your life during the trauma, but you’ve got it from here.

The true you, the nurturing beautiful mama self who is at last ready to stop taking care of everybody else while abandoning you, is here to resolve the chaos within, once and for all - with all the safety, beauty, warmth and healing love you’ve always wanted and needed.

Will you commit to being here first and foremost FOR YOU? 

XOXO Success Coach Gina  




Gina Silvestri