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There’s something a lot of girls don’t learn growing up, working their lemonade stands.

A lot of us were shy, certainly not as “forward” as our male lemonade stand entrepreneurs - of course we weren’t! We were socialized not to be.

Money IS that kind of forward energy, though - so it’s no wonder that a lot of women we know, are worried about money.

  • They aren’t seeing enough of it in their bank accounts.

  • They realize need more to feel safe and at peace and live happily (after trying the whole “we don’t need money” life and hating it).

  • They want to feel empowered in a gorgeous way, from the soul. KNOWING it’s not all about the money, of course - but it’s an important factor, and there’s nothing wrong with celebrating it as a tool and resource in our lives, and enjoying all it has to offer us and our loved ones.

So if money IS that boy lemonade stand energy, we need to lessen the feminine air on our business balloon, and fill up on this masculine.


Enjoy it!

Love it …

YES you can do it in your gorgeous nurturing feminine way - if you get THIS first:

Warrior code!!!

Moving on a mission with an energy that DOES NOT QUIT.

That doesn’t question, or waiver.

That’s what money likes.

Quick, decisive, certain, aligned action, for a cause you without-question not only “would” dedicate your life to … but ARE dedicating your life to, right now!

This DO OR DIE energy is required most especially when you’re stuck and not making money in your business.

And when you’re feeling low on energy altogether, let alone this intense powerful brand of energy?

You actually have to *manufacture* this do or die energy in yourself to move from unstack to results, especially if you want to do it fast.

That’s where people like me come in - mindset solutions allow you to do this, with nothing but your pens, your journals, my voice and some good energy training and vibrations being anchored into your world with my guidance.

There are just *ELEVEN* days left in October, Gorgeous - and the POWERHOUSE support you need is waiting for you, right now.

I created BOSSES IN PAJAMAS to give you just that, at an affordable price!

You get training videos showing you how to create this energy within yourself, that are ready for you to PRESS PLAY on as you read this.

Then I’m giving a LIVE teaching where I answer your questions on any success topic or block you have every month, which is fully recorded for you to listen to yours, and other group members’ questions, forever.

This will fill fast, Sister....and the price is going up as we move into the New Year!

So get into this energy with me now to meet your 2018 goals before it’s gone!

Time is the one thing we cannot get either fill up and get empowered now or wilt and do the same shit you’re doing right now again and again, month after month, year after year.

I created this to move you forward FAST and get on track with the work you know you’re meant to be doing in life, at the level you’re meant to be doing it.

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XOXO Success Coach Gina

Gina Silvestri