Brace yourself, Love - this ain’t gonna be pretty!

I mean … if there’s ever ANY “good reason” to miss showing up in your business, or take a break from it, it’s this one, right?

I’m sick.

I’m dealing with an ailment.

I’m physically unable to show up today.

We’ve all been there.

When the physical wins - or at least it APPEARS to . . . because this is really an illusion, Girl!

The illusion is called RESISTANCE, and once you understand it, and do the mindset work necessary to master managing it, there will be ONLY ONE TIME that health will be an acceptable reason to forego your soul work.


It’s when the physical body sneaks in there, beneath your WISE, SOUL-LED being, and takes over the show on you.

This could last a minute, or, it could last a few years, as it did with me (read more about that story here).

In other words, when you aren’t on top of what’s happening in your physical body, and don’t know that some wayward vibration snuck in there, and robbed you of your energy, or made you sleep through everything.

For example, although I started this mentoring business in 2009, and saw outstanding success within the first three years, my level of consistency with advertising has been sketchy at best, because of the sneaky health duo culprit of C-PTSD and insulin-resistance.

Good thing I’m masterful at noticing and dealing with what arises, and I have a loving supportive community and a boyfriend who is a warrior at making sure I’m on top of things, on days when awareness of my needs and the actions I need to take thrive sneak beneath my consciousness - but if I wasn’t, I’d never show up, and never make a dime in my business AT ALL.

Why? Because I wouldn’t understand it or know what’s happening.

That is the ONLY time it is a good reason.

The rest of the time, you get to remember that YOUR SOUL runs every part of your life, when you let it - even your physical health.

You get to learn how to change your frequency in your body, every single day, so that it attunes to the highest and greatest levels of health,

and so that you have the energy you need EVERY TIME to take necessary action steps to re-align any wayward vibrations, and keep them aligned with masterful mindset maintenance.

So don’t be fooled by the “health cop-out” resistance trick your body plays on you, ok?

You CAN move through this, onto the other side.

And you WILL . . . if you just stay the course.


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Gina Silvestri