Sugar Addiction & Success: When Your Money and Body Weight Go Up, Down, Up, Down

Sugar Addiction & Success: When Your Money and Body Weight Go Up, Down, Up, Down

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Sugar Addiction & Success: When Your Money and Body Weight Go Up, Down, Up, Down

Don’t scroll past this because you think having a “sugar problem” doesn’t apply to you. It does! It applies to everyone. And if you’re tired of losing the battle between yo-yo weight gain, and money riding your bank accounts like roller coasters, this is definitely for you.

For a girl who didn’t know what it was like to have an extra pound of weight on my body until I turned twenty-eight years old, it’s been an expected ride with this physical body of flesh that, quite frankly, always just seemed to get in the way of my intuitive talent and art - especially, the first time I gained weight.

I wasn’t like most girls as they start to get older, or an unusual amount of stress hits and those “freshman five” sneak in.


My weight gain came in like a tidal wave, and took over my life.

Instead of five pounds, I gained 150 pounds back in 2005.

I couldn’t figure out how I could go from athletic to craving donuts on the couch after a lifetime of thriving health - nor did I know how to live in my new body, after “fitting in,” if not envied and admired by the women in my Italian family, my whole life.

When it came to my weight and health after the age of thirty (I’m forty-three as I type this), my life theme would be summed up with that “I don’t know” emoji with the purple shirt:


…but money and success? That was different.

I was a straight A student, in both university and high school, and loved running the race to be “the best” - not because I had to be, or some weird modern-world version of ego gratification, for personal excellence.

I loved challenging myself. Learning. Growing. Expanding. Pushing my personal limits and watching my world transform for the better before my eyes. I loved the magic of creating something I knew, especially something a part of me didn’t believe was possible before.

It took decades to understand and consciously apply the mastery skills I do now, but it was always fun - when I knew consciously what I was doing, and even when I didn’t! I was one of those girls who was considered one of the “lucky ones” after all.

I grew up in a struggling home when it came to money, which was a big driving factor in wanting to succeed also, but the first time I walked into a casino back in the eighties, I won four-hundred and fifty dollars.

At twenty years old, smack dab in the middle of earning my university degree, I applied for a business grant while sitting at a pub with my best friend, and had $15,000 in my bank account plus a full-time business mentor from the Women’s Enterprise of British Columbia later that year.

I could go on and on and on with examples (the girls in my Bosses in Panamas group hear more and more examples as they learn with me all the time!) . . . the point is, while I may not have known the nuances of hormones and insulin and body weight management … because I didn’t have the desire or impetus to learn the first three decades of my life,

I knew success.

I knew, and always know, what it takes to step into my greatness, and guide others to do the same.

Identifying patterns that sabotage success is my specific talent, and knowing precisely what is needed to re-align an out-of-alignment life is my zone of genius.

So when my money and health met at the intersection of WTF and NO WE AREN’T AVAILABLE TO BE CONFUSED ABOUT ANY OF THIS ANYMORE, miracles of insight and change happened, overnight.

That’s how transformation works, when you have the right AHA.

This is what happened for me when those two words seeped into my insulin-resistant being.

Suddenly, everything made sense.


I always knew I would be an entrepreneur, I just didn’t know I’d become obese to do it.

It wasn’t planned, but it was destined.

My grandmother raised me in her rustic Italian store, which she started, managed, ran, funded and led herself. My birth mom was a teenager when she had me, and as the eldest of all her grandchildren, she took a strong leadership role in my life. In my heart and soul, she was always my mom. A strong, empowered, kick-ass role model of a mom for a budding entrepreneur like me!

Sure, I got all kinds of jobs. I even worked for the provincial government in a family counsellor role, for the eighteen years, after graduating university.

But I was always writing, and selling that writing. And every job I had was interrupted with a bout of entrepreneurship, that eventually built momentum and led me to where I am today.

So when the 150 pound weight gain hit, and I figured out how to lose it - by trying one of many fad diets, the raw food vegan diet, which, happened to work well with what I now know is my insulin-resistant body, it was natural for me to write about it.

I followed that diet like I studied my text books in school - obsessively until my goal was achieved.

The weight fell off in less than a year.

I shared my before-and-after pictures, like the one in this blog post, along with my recipes, out of pure love for, and intention to help others, who were unhappy with their bodies and struggling with weight as I once did.

I wrote and wrote about it. First in a blog, which got record-hits overnight and just kept growing and growing ORGANICALLY - I knew nothing about SEO or Facebook advertising back then. It was 2009, people were still figuring out this internet thing, so nobody did!

Since business really is a numbers game though, the sheer number of people reading my story and wanting to connect with me, led to the natural creation of a mentoring business, that I still run today.

In time, as my money grew to attention-grabbing proportions (like creating $30,000 in one week in this mentoring business, for example!), I knew it was meant to be success I would guide people into, not physical health or weight loss.

A part of me also knew, I hadn’t learned all there was to know - not by a long shot - of what was really going on with my body, that I gained that much weight, that easily. I wasn’t struggling with the pharmaceutical side effects and subsequent emotional eating that had me gaining all that weight in the first place anymore, but something told me there was still more to my weight gain story . . .

So I did what most intuitively gifted women do when they’ve not yet mastered and merged the power of their gifts in the “invisible” (non-physical) realms with the physical realms of things like body and money and other people.

I dove straight into the conscious creation of my Success Mentoring business and kept on keeping on with the growth and learning with my body behind the scenes in my somewhat avoidant, totally and completely woo-woo, “I’ll deal with it if I have to again.”

Until then, out of sight, out of mind, and onto the FUN things like mastering my intuition and manifestation powers, right?


Aside from the night club craze my friends and I went on for about two years when we turned legal drinking age, I never liked alcohol - which made me completely bewildered when my physicians would ask me, “You drink every weekend, or more, right?”

I never drank, yet my liver showed up on tests at different times in my life like I was an alcoholic.

In my raw food writing days, I always shared how my parents had very little processed food in my childhood home. We never went to McDonald’s, and my sister and I literally LOVED going to the garden for fresh tomato and cucumber for our snacks. The bright packaged candy my classmates brought in their lunch boxes too school were both foreign, and non-appealing to me. It just didn’t seem like “real food.”

This is why, for me, the raw food vegan diet was a success. I not only lost the weight quickly, I stayed on it for six full years….until, what I see now (and couldn’t see back then) as my insulin-resistant nature began rearing its head.

Notice I didn’t say UGLY …. knowing is power! I’m so grateful to know and understand my body now, I couldn’t see any part of this journey as ugly if I tried.

It also brought me full circle to where I am today: a woman who is no longer confused by the physical realm body weight stuff, not when it comes to my body, anyway.

This growth and journey has allowed me to step more fully into my personal empowerment, which allows me to help my success clients that much better.


Sugar is more than just the “white sugar” my parents knew enough about being poison they steered me totally clear of it in my development years.

It’s also carbohydrates, or foods the body turns into sugar. And it’s highly addictive, because of the “high” it gives you, then the crash afterward, which, in our anxiety-ridden culture, is like a soothing drug for millions of people.

When you’re insulin-resistant, this crash-burn cycle is more intense.

I didn’t notice it when I was younger, but as I move through my forties, my body shows me more and more of what I need to be sensitive to - the stuff that was always there, but I could handle better when my organs and tissues had less “mileage” on them.

Untreated, diabetes in inevitable.

Treated, you can turn everything around with diet, vitamins, and an excellent team of healers and support.


If I had to choose only ONE concept to teach you, it would be this: “as within, so without.”

Everything we see around us, is reflection of what’s happening inside of us.

Like the root of a tree is exactly the same proportion beneath the ground, as you see above the ground.

It’s the same principle.

Basic physics.

And it applies here, with your body weight and your money.

So if you’re crash-burning with your weight, in the confused yo-yo way that I was, your money is doing this too.

I don’t even have to ask.

I know.

And I’m referring to money you CREATE YOURSELF, not money that comes from another supportive source on a regular basis, although eventually, those will begin to show up in the exact same way your crash-burn health patterns are, if they’re not addressed and resolved.

Do yourself a favour, Gorgeous.

Give yourself some attention.

Pick up a pen and paper and release all that’s happening inside of you with words or drawings.

Let it out. Right now.

Then do it every day. Set your alarm earlier.

This attunes you to those very patterns inside of you, that will give you the power to change your life.

Weight. Health. Money. Relationships.

Whatever it is.

Your power lies within.



P.S. I decided to add a “now” photo to all the before-and-afters I used to share when I was on the raw vegan diet. It’s a photo of me just waking up from a nap, with makeup all over my face, taken last week. And it’s the perfect representation of my imperfect journey of learning and growing and loving me, my life, the beautiful beings in it, more than ever before, every day, more and more - a journey I wouldn’t trade for anything.

Gina Silvestri