Note: October is #domesticviolenceawarenessmonth

Sure, everyone says you’ve got to keep going, you’ve got to keep fighting,

you’ve got to keep sharing your story,

doing whatever it takes to heal

- because if you don’t, then other survivors can’t and won’t heal.

I agree. There’s boat loads of truth in that line of thinking.

I mean, I never would have reached the point of thriving after my early experiences with domestic violence, if I hadn’t read other women’s stories.

If I didn’t know it was possible for me to survive too.

That if they did it, I can too.

Yet there’s one more thing to add for us business women who have been through such trauma to reflect upon, and it’s related to one of my favourite all time phrases:


She sings because she figures this out - this thing I’ve dedicated my entire life to teaching and helping the world heal through,

after my very public experience of domestic violence (read about it here).

So what is it then? What’s the real reason the Caged Bird Sings?

It’s figuring out who really holds the key to your freedom.

It’s not your captor.

It’s not your abuser.

It’s not your parents who were horrible to you in so many ways all those years ago.


It’s YOU!

It’s all you.

Just like it’s all me.

Understanding and taking this wisdom deep into my bones changed everything for me . . . and I didn’t see it talked about much, so I’m committed to spreading the word about this.

100% responsibility!

Not in an ugly way that further perpetuates what happened to us in the first place and continues abuse.

In the most beautiful, empowered way possible.

In the way where you see that YOU always have full control, decision-making power, and full reign over HOW YOU FEEL.

No matter what is going on around you.

Now, am I saying that if you feel bad you’re not owning up to your true power and it’s your fault?

Of course not! That would be continuing abuse mentality.

This is about empowering you.

Helping you see that you get to feel whatever you are feeling right now in this moment, and at any point of your healing process


You get to switch your thinking when you’re ready too.

It’s about taking your true power back, by understanding that the only person who holds the reign on your feeling world, is you.

How I teach about this is by teaching mindset mastery, specifically for women who have been through trauma, who want to be able to support themselves financially, by starting or growing an online business.

I start all of my teachings with this very basic concept, which couples with the 100% responsibility concept in the most empowering of ways:

success is in your mind-2.png

Nobody can control what goes on in your head, right?

Not directly. Not when you are armed with this awareness.

It’s impossible!

Especially when you say YES to mastering this, and built your energy and mind to a level of mastery that unlocks your truest potential, and has you feeling empowered, no matter what goes on around you.

Yes, you’ll still feel yucky feelings, and yes, you’ll feel extremely vulnerable at times- but that’s kind of the point.

To stay with your heart, your feelings, your soul.

To live in the fullest, most beautiful, most powerful expression of you, in your business and life.

So let’s get back to that caged bird and empowered responsibility concept, now.

When you take in and master the basic concept of the graphic I made for you above,

you see that the key to continuing on after domestic violence is actually in re-aligning your thinking, damaged and broken by trauma, back to its original state.

You heal yourself by re-aligning to that part deep inside of you that can never EVER be broken or damaged: your SOUL.

Your most beautiful, eternal you.

This is the scariest thing for most people.

Because it’s every human’s greatest fear that we are powerful beyond measure. It’s our light that scares us most, not our darkness - or the darkness out there in the world.

Stepping into this is scary!

But it’s the reason that caged bird sings.

She sings because she’s figured out that she actually is already free.

Right here, right now.

EVEN IF her wings were clipped (and are still clipped) at the start of her life, or at any point.

EVEN IF her feet and hands were bound and tied…even if they were cut off.

EVEN IF all of these are still true, or worse -

SHE still holds the keys to her freedom.

BUT HOW, you ask? How is that even actually possible, when she can’t move…


100% empowered responsibility for what she thinks, feels, and the outcomes she sees around her AFTER THE ABUSE AND TRAUMA, starting right now.

Your next step is everything.

You CAN take a step for you.

For your empowerment.

Your growth.

Your expansion.

Your success.

So the only question left is:

Will you?

XOXO Success Coach Gina

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Gina Silvestri