*article by Gina Silvestri*

Are you starting to question whether something is missing in your world because you're having the same experience with money, over and over again?

Here are my 7 signs it's time for a Money Makeover:

1) You hate looking at your bank account.  

With the way most of us were raised, clicking that banking app is not always going to be a trip to Disneyland, but it isn’t mean to be a trip to gas station bathrooms either! If you’re dreading facing money, it’s time to re-fresh and replace expired ways.

2) You’re always saying “But I don’t know how.” 

“How” is the last thing people in the flow of making good money entertain. Yes, there’s a basic formula that must be in place, but repeating “I don’t know how” like a monastery mantra? Nuh-uh. It’s a recipe for destroying money confidence, every time.

3) You have money envy.

Admit it. You’re spending most of your Facebook time scrolling your news feed while grinding your teeth at women producing more content and therefore  making more money than you are. If this is you, put overhauling this habit at the top of your to-do list. Long-term financial success commands it!

4) Your money confidence sucks.  

Even the wealthiest people live with occasion blips of doubt or fear, but if yours are most of the time, you need to look under your “way you do money” hood and get yourself to the mechanic (aka Success mindset coach), pronto! 

5) You’re bored AF over how you’re making money in the first place.

Look, there’s no cure for hating the way you make money. It’s either time for significant structural tweaks and additions, or, Tearing down and re-doing the whole thing. Change happens, it’s necessary. Not to mention, never boring! Women drag their feet in the wrong type of business, or job, for years - even a lifetime -because they fear it, but nothing is more entertaining, and keeps us feeling more alive than the constant, glorious challenge of making great money, doing what you’re meant to do, the way you love to do it.

6) You use the same reason for not having money, every time.

Having lived with Complex  Post Traumatic Disorder (C-PTSD) most of my life, I’ve had one of the best reasons not to succeed. Decades later, it just got old. It was time for change. I moved from those stagnant reasons to celebrating every seasons, and my money momentum hasn’t stopped. Yours won’t either, when you look at those reasons in the eye, then let them go.

7) Deep down, you’re really excited at the idea of it.

Most critical sign of all, is your desire. With everything else in place, your desire will show you exactly what you’re meant to do next - whether your change-resistant lizard brain likes it or not. 

Nature undergoes regular transformation for a reason. It’s good for all living beings.

Gina Silvestri