Here's the truth about body weight that most people refuse to acknowledge:


In other words, whatever's happening within us, expresses itself on our outer body.

If there's heaviness inside, for example, whether it's

  • emotional turmoil

  • advanced medical complication, or

  • that stuck frozen state, of just not moving, or circulating, that unhealed traumatic experiences, can create

you will see this physically manifest on your physical body.

Here's the thing, though:


I take a stand against societal voices and programming that judge and hate on larger bodies,

including what we are taught from a young age by the media and doctors and hospitals -

that if you don't weigh less than 150 pounds and have a body fat less than 20% you have a big, big, problem.

No, society, we do not.

We are on a journey, we are in a process, and we are headed for MORE -

more than you are exhibiting and demonstrating right now that you can or ever will know, apparently.

Body weight just IS  . . . and no matter the number on the scale,

the Spirit that runs and controls the body is always headed for MORE.

MORE expansion, more compassion, more love, more truth, more harmony.


How dare *anyone* judge it as wrong or bad or unhealthy?

How dare *anyone* reject bodies bigger than your limited thinking proclaims is right or correct or "okay" and acceptable?

How dare they?

It would be foolish to argue that our bodies were built and designed to do anything but experience JOY and move and function and circulate and be free of pain and stuckness -

but that doesn't mean it has to weigh this number or that number or ANY number.

And it certainly doesn't mean that every human being on the planet must be in this state right now, to be acceptable, or loved, or included in social or financial advances in the world.

Only you know where you are in your journey, and what's happening in your life and being right now. It's not anyone's place to make a judgement on that for you!

So, don't let them, Boo!

If you do find yourself drowning in images of so-called perfection, and being hard on yourself for the way you look now, compared to societal standards, run (don't walk) to photos of women in the Renaissance era. Google it! All bodies displayed in famous art pieces were robust and curvaceous and certainly not below 150 pounds. This means that ideas of bodily perfection change over time, and they're about as reliable as betting on one colour of a chameleon's many shades.

Asking my Italian Nonna does the trick too! She taught me that having a larger body, yes that means a large cushion of fat, has always signalled health and wealth in Europe, for time immemorial.

So what the heck has gone wrong with our world today?

Why are so many women, starting at early age of six years old, hating themselves and the way they look, which in turn affects their confidence, their self-esteem, and what risks and creative endeavours they endeavour to take in the world?

I have found that it's not just weight - it's mis-alignment of energy. We live in a narcissistic society that defines power as looking as close to magazine supermodels as possible, making more money than your neighbour at any cost, and acting, behaving and presenting yourself in a "perfect" manner, that in effect suppresses and denies any experiences that may have been less than perfect in your life.

Like childhood neglect, or abuse.

Like rape or sexual assault or abuse, human trafficking, or being stalked or otherwise attacked.

Like domestic violence.

Like mental health challenges (when societal prescriptions are the very cause of them!),

or intuitive GIFTS that are categorized as mental health challenges because they are exceptional and outside of the norm, leaving narrow-minded powers-that-be dumbfounded as to what to do with them.

This is not true love. This is not authentic relationship between humans. Acceptance, seeing another's soul then connecting from there, that's what truly matters.

What I'd like to know, is if any of the people setting such standards of bodily perfection today, even went to physics class?

Because there we learn that everything works in perfect unison.

Our so-called imperfections like holding onto pounds and pounds of fat,

and the weight of their judgments and harmful prescriptions for living, too.

There is room for all of it . . . and for all of us to say NO WE WILL NOT BE FORCED TO HIDE AND LIVE IN SHAME BECAUSE YOU REFUSE TO ACCEPT US.

The Universe itself is always expanding and contracting, after all.

So when our bodies do, because we are living life in a world that mostly wants us to contract in shame, fear, humiliation,

when all our spirits want to do is DANCE with joy and celebration . . . especially with the PLUS-SIZE REVOLUTION pouring into free our spirits, and allow this JOY to be expressed on the outside, in larger clothes, beautiful colours, gorgeous fashion...

how about you see that we are perfect too?

Fat is actually perfect.

Right now.

Exactly as it is.

YOU are perfect, my Beloved Reader, exactly as you are, right here, right now.

How can it be any other way?