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Imagine this, Beautiful Soul . . . 

You just had your biggest sales week ever since becoming an entrepreneur.

$30,000 in one week.

You rent a new, 1200 square foot, three bedroom apartment, for just you and your cat.

You hire more cleaners, online customer service staff, someone to make healthy food for you in your kitchen, and FINALLY that mentor you've always wanted to work with.

She's in your back pocket now. You're flying high!

So you treat yourself to the most luxurious bath potions, enough to keep you swimming in your now giant tub for months.

Nothing can stop you now.

You're on a roll.


Until . . . that blip happens - which really doesn't feel like a "blip" at all.

So you start thinking about getting a job.



That word you've heard (so-called) successful online entrepreneurs use like a curse word.

You feel ashamed for even THINKING about it.

And for the life of you, can't understand what happened, or how you got here, from "there" - that place where you made it!

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Here's the thing, Gorgeous.

We're always learning, expanding, growing.

If we weren't, life would be dead boring . . . which isn't living at all!

Part of stepping into massive success in your business, is an expansion-contraction process.

You expand really really REALLY far. Like you make more money than you ever have in your business before, in a short amount of time, like, for example, my Success Coaching clients have:


Then, you pull back.

It all stops.

And you're like WTF ?


I get it.

I see it every day.

I've been there myself after creating $30,000 in sales in one week.

I thought  . . .

what I didn't know, was that this is 100% normal.

It's meant to and supposed to happen this way, especially your first time expanding so big profit-wise.

Your real job is to make it FEEL GOOD, even in the contraction phase.

So if getting a job to distract yourself from contraction pain, especially a job that has you giggling and smiling a lot, or getting that exercise you've been meaning to get, or quelling old money terror you've been working on and are still getting through a bit,


I worked at a government career for eighteen years before starting this mentoring business in 2009. It required a university degree and the odds were teeny tiny that I would get it (1/3500). I had full pension, benefits, and the most job security you can find today.

Yet my passion drove me to entrepreneurship.

You can't argue I am not committed, just because I pick up jobs here and there, for this and that reason, while I run my business.

I am more committed and driven than anything (and I know you are, too).

We just know what's most important.

What it takes to be "successful" along the way, too. Not just when we reach that end goal. 

We know more than anything that success works this way, and this one way, every time:



We all have old mind patterns that don't serve us anymore.

It's time to release them, AND, in the meantime, be gentle with ourselves as we do. 

I have had driving jobs, EVEN AFTER creating $30,000 a week. And I still run a nanny business that I'm very passionate about, because it's aligned with my overall mission to empower women financially around the world. So I make sure my nannies are well paid, respected, and regularly reminded of their value to me and my clients.

It's not about the money.

It's about feeling good,

doing what you love,

and doing it, no matter what.

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Gina Silvestri