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{{{{This is for my business sisters who have been labelled all kinds of things because of the effects of trauma they’ve been forced to live with, their sensitivities, their reactions to their life experiences + the way their neural networks were formed at birth or during times of trauma!!!}}}

Listen, Dearest  . . . 

So many people out there are hating on disability.

The way they shame differently-abled people is astounding to me, truly.

I mean how do you shame someone who did not create a condition themselves?


Making it their fault, when nothing they did contributed to them not fitting into society's expected "ability" and "normal" templates?

Being forced to live with the impact of trauma does not make you less than, or incapable . . . in fact, the way I see it, it makes you strong and resilient as ever. 

Here are 3 Ways it does exactly that:

1) You’ve had no choice but to be strong (AKA The Greatest + Most Obvious Way) . .  . you're rowing uphill, going against the grain, or pushing against the tide, so-to-speak when the world has set standards and decided you don't meet them, so what other choice do you have than to be strong, right?

Muscles only build when they are torn first.

Bones are always stronger after they’ve experienced a break. 

People who travel on easy, level ground, never get stronger. Not as strong as someone who had to learn, early on, to be independent, to figure things out for themselves, and to figure out how to keep on going up that hill, against that grain, no matter how tough things get.

No matter how much our righteous feelings say, "It's not fair! I have it harder than everyone else. She got a head start on life. It isn't right."

That's the thing, we don’t have to see it that way. We can choose to see it as RIGHT, right now, for us.

There ARE benefits to being different, to carving your own way, in a world that does not have a way already paved for you. Luckily “trauma-informed” is becoming a thing, but sensitivity to traumatized people was virtually non-existent, for the longest time.

How about we choose to see it this way? That the greatest empowering quality is: your obstacle course makes you stronger than ever.

Stronger than the majority of the herd, travelling paths that were pre-paved for them, and who have all the support in the world as they go along.

Besides, once you've carved your path, once you've travelled it enough times, it DOES get easier.

You become MASTERFUL at the GRIND in life, and you fear the hard things less than most people ... you're not as afraid to face them, because experience has taught you to have more COURAGE!!!

Guess what this means for your business?

You'll take greater risks. You'll stay the course longer, ride out the waves better.

And those my Dear, are ingredients for success.

2) You experience the freedom in transcending labels. After being locked into a label, it's only a matter of time before you start to question it, maybe even rail against it. Then, once you’ve experienced the freedom of THRIVING to the beat of your own drum, despite what everyone else is saying or doing, you extend your wisdom to all labels in life. You see them as subjective boxes arbitrarily chosen by someone with one thing: an opinion! That’s it, that’s all. Nothing to be controlled by, or force yourself to be controlled by just because “they said so.”

Human adults aren't meant to be put in neat boxes and given strict instructions for being and living. Yes, we all have needs, and special care instructions, and structure and boundaries are necessary for all of us to thrive, but we all evolve, with time, our own way. Seeing with clarity just how many labels are used in our world, how many people accept them blindly, leads to questioning then tearing down the walls of the box you've been put in.

So let’s unbox the judgment placed on so-called “disabled” people and apply this adopted quote from the movie Dirty Dancing instead: “Nobody puts disabled people in a corner!”

3) Enduring hardship compels you to go inward + focus on your soul: Disability isn't something you can easily distract yourself from. The very definition dictates an inability to function according to normal world expectations.

It's all-consuming! 

It’s also all-empowering, when you allow it to be.

Because it also means time with you and you. Your soul. That innermost part of you, the most powerful part of you. Most people don’t have time to tune in and master it - they aren’t even aware of it, in fact.

When you're not lost in modern world distraction and feeding your ego self more than other parts of you, you know yourself better, you're wiser, you're more full of the kind of life that really matters.

So let them slap whatever label on you they want to - the only labels that matter are the ones you place on yourself anyway.

Don't you dare give up, Warrior Sister!

You are more powerful than you think.

Strong AF.


And there are others just like you out there, closer than you think . .  . just reach out...


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Gina Silvestri