Hi Dearest,

I know I'm not the only one who has gotten overwhelmed in my biz.

Am I right?

We've all experienced business anxiety, more than we'd like to admit... 

The thing is, it's part of being an entrepreneur.

Sure, some of us have SUPER SENSITIVE (read superHERO superINTUITIVE) nervous systems - I'm always talking about how sensitive I am after allll the trauma life has handed me...

but thinking about it and feeding the "I have anxiety" identity makes *everything* worse.

That's why I'm normalizing this for you today.

It's so EASY (I know because I've done it) to accept what a doctor says about us, and frame our entire identity and life based on what they say. It's what most of us saw our parents do, after all, isn't it?

For example, "I have an anxiety disorder" may be limiting for business women to believe, in the sense that they limit their activities, their potential interactions, and the risks they take  because they believe that "a woman with anxiety can't do that sort of thing."

When in reality, anxiety is largely a normal part of life in our world today.

Rare is the woman who spends her clock-ticking minutes in nature, 99% of the time.

That's how we are designed to thrive best, yet most are on their cell phones and in front of computers - which does the opposite of allowing us to thrive: 

it drains our energy, and activates ANXIETY within us.

We are designed to discharge any anxiety that arises in our day, through movement and meditation and being in a natural environment,

yet most of us aren't doing that.

And that's not an anxiety disorder,


It's a condition with a simple solution: get out in nature and move your body in any way that feels good to you, while you're there.

Same with business anxiety.

This is a NORMAL part of being an entrepreneur!

It's a "condition" requiring a solution if it's happening consistently and often, 

but otherwise it is NORMAL to have anxiety from time to time, about where your business is headed next, and whether you have the skills needed to grow as it wants to, etc.

The thing is: part of becoming successful is what you learn when you move through these very fears, doubts, and the anxiety created by them.

So don't lock yourself into an identity that limits you, Dearest.

Recognize it for the opportunity it is! To re-evaluate old belief systems that may be blocking success, as you define it.

You are so much more than a label, a "condition" or what someone else says you are (even a medical doctor, who, by the way, doesn't take too much time to get to know you, does s/he?). 

The only thing you TRULY *are* is a BUD ready to sprout into success.