Listen, Gorgeous -  I get it. 


At various times over my 42 years, I've invested anywhere from $150/month to $3,000/month in my healing.

Healing from things that have happened in the past.

Healing from bouts of C/PTSD I found myself plunked into, with no warning. I'm talking full nervous system shut-downs, extreme fatigue and mood swings that would make Mike Tyson dizzy.

Try working or creating magnetic business offers during times like those!

You can't.

Thank goodness they've only happened three times in my life, about once every decade since a horrible incident in my teen years.

And NO I did not in any way have an extra $1,000 laying around every month to do it, for most of my life.

I also certainly wasn’t willing to OWN any of my experiences, when I was in the thick of being so flipping angry for all that had happened to me, and grieving the fact that my early years were robbed from me.

It's not exactly the best place to be to make money in, right?

On the scale of money magnetism, these states are pretty "low vibe"...definitely in need of soul money love and alignment.

So what do we do, when they sideswipe us?

When they've taken over and we feel like we're twirling down the rabbit hole and can't bring ourselves back up?

Not to mention we feel broke AF and our (empty) bank accounts pretty much prove this as fact?

1) We recognize and acknowledge the thoughts and belief systems that keep us in these places longer than necessary.

Healing *does* need time and space - we all deserve to take that time and space, to work on ourselves, to heal deeply.

At the same time, we often stay there long.

Far far far too long.

Or we allow this need for healing "the past" to interfere with living today!

Right now.

Why? We don't know any other way out....the past grabs hold of us sometimes, and doesn't let go . . .  this is why "mindset" is your first stepping stone.

Examine the thoughts and beliefs (repeated thoughts that over time become permanent manifesting residents in your energy) that keep you stuck in energy that does not have you making money.

Thoughts like....

....I have to wait until there's more time.

...I'm not educated enough, I have to wait to go back to school.

....Everybody else is way further ahead than me, I'll just be humiliated if I start now.

2) Fill back up with what will actually serve you and get your needs met.

Repeat these every day, like mantras. Make these thoughts a habit.

Thoughts like...

....Making time for my soul work that makes me happy and brings me the most abundance is the smartest thing I can do.

....I CAN do this. I CAN make this happen. I've made things happen that seemed impossible before.

...I have many many many natural gifts, talents, and skills to offer the world right now. People need me, right now.

....Where I am right now, is perfect. Everything is happening exactly how it's meant to happen, at exactly the right time. 

3) Get the support you need, NOW. Not at some future date when you predict you'll have more money. Now. Sell your products faster. Get help from friends and affiliates. Get a loan. Sell something. DO WHATEVER IT TAKES.

Healing is not an expense, it's an investment.

Every day you lose spinning down the rabbit hole is another day the total cost of your healing goes up up UP - up way higher than any initial loan would cost to purchase the healing, exactly when it's needed.

I understand the upfront cost seems overwhelming, and "impossible" at the time - these points cannot be overlooked anymore though, Dearest.

There is no need to suffer, when there is a way to not just meet, but SUPERSEDE your needs, so you can thrive  . . . a mindset of abundance shows you this again and again and again.

Your healing work will be much more expensive if you let it go on too long unaddressed - like a broken bone that was not put in a cast right after it was broken, the cartilage and skin and muscles grow around it in the unnatural, deformed way - causing you a background of pain until you do show up to get it properly fixed.

This background of pain steals your money mojo, your energy, your magnetism, your relationship mojo....is it really worth it? 

And won't it take much longer to heal when you finally do show up one day (because you decided you just can't take another day of it)?

Isn't there also a good chance by that time, that you won't even be able to heal it at all?

Mindset first, beautiful - then stoke the fire of desire until you 100% KNOW WHAT YOU WANT and get committed in a non-negotiable way to making it happen.

Money follows naturally after that.

If you don't want it bad enough, just fugghetabout it (as we say in Italy).

Now or never, right?

Mindset, MoneyGina Silvestri