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Yesterday, after my EMDR session (WHOAAA was it *intense*), I had the most magical experiences.

This is why I love deep healing work, it opens you to magic.

I had a long long LONG nap after the session, then, as always after major healing, I had a SPRING of energy - more than I had felt in a while.

I thought about getting ready, doing make-up to cover my puffy eyes from crying so much, wiping the sleep from my eyes, putting a bra on - but nope. I didn't do any of those things.

I just hopped in the car, and headed across town toward my favourite metaphysical store. There's an Italian grocery store beside it, in the same plaza, so I love visiting both when I make the drive.

I recognized the woman behind the counter, but don't go often enough to remember all their names.

"Is Wendy here?" 

"She is, but she's just about to leave. She lives in Maple Ridge, and traffic gets heavy, so she leaves quick at the end of her days.

Wendy is a psychic I've seen many many times, who works from one of the healing rooms at the back of the store.

I'll just give her a hug then, as she's walking out, I thought, and kept searching for feathers to put in my hair.

I'm creating a new look for my livestream videos, you see . . . one that more aptly represents the healing work I do.

Ten minutes went by. I had a REALLY COOL bookmark with a 3D mountain lion on it in my hand...nothing to add to my new look yet, but I was BLISSED OUT from the healing session earlier, so nothing could frustrate or irk me.

"I wonder if she left out the back door?" the clerk said. "I really need to go to the bathroom."

"I used to own a spiritual coffeehouse bookstore, with crystals and gems in it - do you want me to keep an eye on things for you?" 

She looked uncomfortable at my suggestion.

"Well, I would need to lock the door, you see. I don't want to do that."

I nodded.

"Tell you what, I'll go to the Italian place next door, to give you a few minutes."

She was in her late fifties, early sixties. She felt awful at even the suggestion of interrupting one of her customer's shopping experience . . . but after another fifteen minutes, realizing I would be there ALOT longer, I insisted and went next door.

When I arrived, Lynn, who reminded me of her name, explained that she NEVER even tells people that she has to go the rest room, let alone have them leave to allow her to use it.

She then explained she had written a children's book and was DYING to get it out into the world, but had no idea how, since she wasn't raised in the internet generations.

DING, DING, DING, right?

I kept getting chills (aka spirit bumps) as we talked from that point forward.

My soul bell started ringing, since this is my purpose work in the world. So, of course, she asked:

"What do you do, Gina?"

She was ectastic to find I'm a success coach on a mission to allow women to step into their greatness. I showed her my website and testimonial pages on my giant iPhone, so she could see the results other women have experienced working with me. 

"It really has been a magical day for me," she said. Then she accepted my contact information, thanking me again for connecting with her.

Okay, back to my livestream costume hunt, right?


As I was taking little video clips of the cool items in the store for my Instagram (I can't help it), her voice was actually caught on my clip saying:


Another woman had walked in, bursting to leave her corporate job and move into the independence of having her own business.

I told her about my work too, thanks to Lynn, and WOW - I had the SAME CHILLS I had talking to Lynn about her business!

So, while I left the store with just that one bookmark - no hair clips or new look contributions for my live streams- I left with two connections that were fully in alignment.

 Bra-less. Puffy-eyed. Energy open to the unexpected.
 What will it take for you to listen to your inner guidance and just FLOW today, Dearest?

Whatever it is . . . don't wait. DO IT.



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Gina Silvestri