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Hey there, Fellow Creative!

This application is for creative men and women who want to hire me as their mentor in an online group setting. I use this screening form to protect the sacred integrity of our group, by making sure every new person is a good fit.

Here are the details you need to decide if you’re a good fit:

  • Our group phone calls are once every week. I stay on the line as long as members need, until all questions are answered, so the length will vary. You are welcome to hop on and off as you please!

  • You will have as much uninterrupted time as you need, to ask questions about finishing your creative projects and thriving financially while you do.

  • I will show you exactly what is happening in your energy, how to clear it, while teaching you how to master what plagues you.

  • Each group member commits for one month minimum.

  • The investment is $1000. Canadian dollars per month.

If you have any questions, there is room to ask them at the end of the form. Kindly just answer my questions first, submit the form with any questions you have, then you’ll receive responses to any questions plus a link to join when your application is approved.


Name *
Note that I respect your privacy and will *only* use this number if I cannot reach you by email for any reason.
If you application is approved right away, are you ready to join today? *