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Hey there!

This application is for people wanting to hire me as their ghostwriter AND/OR Finish-Your-Book Coach.

A ghostwriter is a writer who writes your book for you, but whose name does not appear on the cover of the book, and is legally bound to confidentiality about authorship of the book. My Finish-Your-Book Coaching is where I act as your Coach as you write the book yourself.

The purpose of this form is to book a telephone/video call with me, so I can answer any questions you have about my ghostwriting/coaching service, and move forward with your book project if we both feel good after our call. You must fill out this application form first.

Kindly answer the questions below, then you’ll receive a link to book a phone call with me.

I’m looking forward to learning about your book!


Name *
What stage are you at in the book writing process? *
Are you 100% clear and certain that you are writing this book and committed to getting it done within the next six months? *
How fast do you want to get this book done? *
The Writer's Union of Canada recommends that ghostwriters charge $20,000. Canadian Dollars for 20,000 words. My rate begins at $5,000. Canadian Dollars for book coaching, and $10,000. Canadian Dollars for ghostwriting, 50% of which is due upon signing our agreement. Are you ready to invest right now? *
Does your book centre around your personal life story, or contain large parts of your story throughout the book? *