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In this twenty minute telephone session, I will show you:

  • why you are stuck without profits you desire right now
  • how past traumas are currently influencing low (or zero) profit margins in your business + how to fix this
  • how to strengthen your specific business foundation to increase your profits in the fastest way possible  

You may also ask specific questions about jumpstarting your profit.

A link to my schedule is sent to you by email after you answer a few basic questions.


My Jumpstart Your Profit Business Evaluations are for:

  • new or established entrepreneurs who have been through trauma, and looking for ways to jump-start their profits.
  • your trauma IS ANY EXPERIENCE THAT YOU DEFINE AS HAVING CAUSED YOU TRAUMA, whether it's a death in the family, a car accident, physical emotional, sexual, mental, narcissistic or any other kind of abuse or experience that you feel was traumatic for you.
  • the intensity of the trauma you experienced does not matter, you just know it impacts your business in some way and that you're ready to change this.
  • it doesn't matter how long ago the trauma was, either. It may have been in your childhood, or last week. 

These sessions are not for:

  • people who do not currently own and run a business. You can be at the beginning or very early stages of your business - you may not even have a website yet- and you may have even taken a break from your business, but you're committed to making your business work and you're not just in the brainstorming or pre-planning stages.
  • entrepreneurs who want traditional business advice only - 90% of our mentorship work focuses on soul work, working at the energetic level. I show you the exact tools you need to master to make the 10% strategy work we do, get you results.
  • entrepreneurs who don't identify with being highly sensitive and/or having gone experienced trauma

We all have blind spots and require a different perspective, outside of our own, to move forward in business, and allow it to grow.


get energized + JUMPSTART YOUR profits 

Most business owners who come to see me are feeling at least ONE of the following:

  • stuck
  • stressed
  • overwhelmed
  • lonely
  • lost
  • no energy
  • depressed
  • frustrated because they have a vision but aren't seeing it actualized


Filling out your bonus questionnaire, which arrives right after you register, starts the process of releasing heavy, unproductive, depressing energy that you may have been holding onto FOR DECADES!

Our telephone session then opens up your energy, so there's space for you to recognize and act upon new opportunity.

PLUS, freeing up all this space in your mind, heart, and spirit, increases your energy level, right away. This opens the door to you feeling lighter, more optimistic, energized, passionate, confident, and hopeful again!

It also breaks up any numbness you've been experiencing in the areas you want to change in your life. 

Are you ready to begin filling out your questions? 




By completing your assessment before your telephone/video mentoring begins, you save time.

I will read every one of your answers, before our appointment, instead of asking you questions and taking up your appointment time doing so.

Imagine how much deeper we will go, faster.

This means you're that much closer to your business goal, from the get-go.




There's nothing worse than running on the hamster wheel of symptoms, like having low or no business profits or lost passion or joy in your business, without finding a solution.

Business owners like you invest hundreds of thousands of dollars "trying" to fix their problems, without getting to the root of their issues.

This assessment is designed to uncover the roots, fast.

Once I read your completed assessment, I will see it and know how to explain what's happening to you, and exactly what is needed to resolve your stresses.

For good.



You save money as soon as you begin your assessment, because instead of me asking you these questions during your session, I will know the basics before we get on the call.

I will be well-prepared after reading your assessment questionnaire responses, which means you get the best bang for your buck.