You're a woman who never gives up - 

not when she wants something bad enough.

You'll endure the pains, as you stumble a few times on your way to achieving it....

but ALWAYS ALWAYS you achieve it.

You get there.

And even when the path looks a little different than you planned it, 

you're certain. Determined. Celebrating AF all the way, because you know this is what you were born to do.

Nothing makes you happier than staying clear on target with that.

"That" being what you're doing in your business, right now.

You're obsessed!

You sleep about it. Talk about it. Write about it. Take selfies about it. Make graphics about it. Read books about it. Livestream about it. Dance about it.

Everything you do ... you do for this.

Even your relationships are about it! Because DUH! Your love mates get you, and if you're single, it's because you'll settle for nothing less.

Your people.

Your tribe.

Other movers and shakers, like you.

Who don't give a F about what "normal" is or who decided it to be this way or that way in the first place.

What matters is YOU  . . .  this thing INSIDE YOU, bursting to come out.

To land on this planet, touch people in profound AF ways, and emboss your legacy all over its gorgeous dirt.

It doesn't matter anyone says along the way, either. They can say you're a fraud, you're a scammer, get a real job. None of it matters. You're LIT from the inside, and the right people see your light.

This light shows you straight to the guides meant to support your journey.

If you're here, and still reading, that's me.

I'm Gina Silvestri. Truth slayer for women who are DONE with normalcy. The caps on the amounts of money one can make in normal land, the conversations that mean nothing, oozing with unconsciousness and purposelessness, the pain in your chest because you're watching TV when there are books and videos and legacies to be written and built - feats that save lives and change lives and make earth happier for us all. 



and DONE!

As wayshower for women at this exact point on the entrepreneurial journey, I'm here to explode the old paradigms of normal, and show you how the new world you're stepping into works.

I was sleeping on the floor of my friend's art room at the beginning of my journey, right before I generated my first $30,000 sales week in this beloved coaching business I adore, after all.

Tough AF, just like you.

It was a week after my fiancee called me from LA to tell me he slept with someone else and our engagement was off.

Not only did he snip me off the payroll of his company like a bad branch, the beat-up car I was driving took its last breath of electricity 

I had paused working on my business, to work in his company, until the paperwork for our marriage had gone through, since we were moving to LA from Canada, and when that call came in, there WAS NO business to speak of. 

I had put my whole life on pause, A-GAIN (if it's not a man, it's money, or our weight, or bad timing BLAH BLAH BLAH). 

I told myself I just needed time to re-build (sound familiar??).

That's what my story was (in my mind) at the time.

We forget, don't we?

How powerful we are?

How incredibly BADASS we can be?

How many mountains we've moved in the past, and can move again, when we just tap into this power??

There's a fire inside you, Woman. Let it take over, let it blow even your own mind.

I feel you. At the ready. Standing at this intersection.

Ready to blow things up, in the best of ways.

I'm right here with you . . . the fire is burning.

Your tribe is waiting for you.


Gina Silvestri is an Intuitive Healer & Success Mentor dedicated to building women's confidence with body image, love relationships and money. Her book Love Yourself Fat: Stop Letting Weight Stop Your Success and her study-at-home program Tell A New Story About Money have helped thousands of women realize success, as they define it.