I have a secret to share that most would find embarrassing to type:


Early on in my entrepreneurial journey I was *obsessed* with looking for mistakes in the popular people and mentors i followed online


I mean I wanted them to make mistakes!!


Not in the “I hope you fail” kind of way, because I loved them and actively supported them and wanted them to be famous as ever (duh or else I wouldn’t be following them)




I was desperate for it, actually.


To see that hey! If they’re screwing up then maybe I do stand a chance after all. Maybe I’m more like them than I used to think.


Maybe I CAN be successful


Maybe people WILL follow me and get excited to see my stuff every day


Maybe MY WORK will make a difference.


I still follow most of these people, and smile now at how I once got SO gratified if they missed a day of podcasting or posting on social media - like it would feel amazing to see them “not be perfect” once in a while - just so I could touch my own greatness


It’s really like that. We need to knock others off the perfectionistic pedestals we put them on if we want to make progress with our own art and businesses.


We also need to get knocked off ourselves.....


Like the time my phone fell off it’s stand during a livestream and everyone saw up my skirt (you can’t erase what happens in real time!)


That’s human. That’s life. That’s beautiful truth.....and it’s moments like these that give us all permission to show up and BE EXACTLY AS WE ARE NOW a little more...imperfect as we are. To show up and shine a little brighter, which gives others permission to do it themselves, too!


So what does it feel like to get knocked off a pedestal?






Impossibly forgiving.


Like we can all just lay this “perfect” social media facade down for five minutes (or 50,000 years) and see that we are all the same


Some people are miles ahead in terms of consistency and confidence .....which we see in the form of active dedication to their craft


But it doesn’t mean they’re any more perfect


Or better


We all get put up on the pedestal and knocked off it


That’s just how we go


The point is...keep going.


Feel the refreshing nature of all this growth, the peace behind the humility, this beautiful human truth splashed like gorgeous paintings of real life, real success, real impact all around us.


And smile once in a while, while you do, would ya?


XO Success Coach Gina


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Gina Silvestri