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Have you had the pleasure of meeting your Inner Poor Girl yet, Dearest?


I'm being a little sarcastic, because it can be tough at times, but in the end, it's a liberating experience.

She's that part of you that benefits from keeping your bank accounts empty.

Sounds odd, I know - so if you're ready for a human behavioural psychology smackdown, allow me to explain . . .

There are payoffs to everything we do, or else we wouldn't do it.

In fact, if the payoff isn't greater than the cost of a goal or task, the chances of us achieving it are extremely slim.

Case in point: if the payoffs of owning your own business aren't greater than putting in the effort required to be an entrepreneur, then your business cannot succeed long term. 

{And let's not kid ourselves, Dearest: there is hustle involved, despite people online making it "look like" it's all supposed to be easy or something.}



The reverse is true too: if the payoffs are too little for the perceived effort involved, then chances are, WE WON'T DO IT.

We need something to pull us forward,

something STRONG, because that's what will keep us pushing on when challenges arise and things get tough.

So what is your Inner Poor Girl holding onto right now?

What does she see as more beneficial than you taking the next step in your business that you know will catapult your success?

Write it down, Dearest.

Acknowledge what's inside of you.

Acknowledge your Inner Poor Girl, and crank up your awareness and embodiment of what you define as YOUR BENEFITS AND PAYOFFS to actualizing your entrepreneurial dreams.

The Payoffs are big, BIG, BIG..... you've just got to dig into your soul and identify them.


So vividly, so powerfully, so intensely, that you won't ever forget them.


After you've done the exercise, to bring what matters (=what's inside of YOU) out, consider these 3 Ways Your Inner Poor Girl is keeping you broke:


1) She doesn't see how much power she has to create whatever reality she wants, right now. When we are in survival mode, where we believe that money and resources are scarce, we aren't tuned into our actual power. it's too hard to face the fact that we are creating our impoverished state by thinking about and focusing on lack, on all that is missing. In this mindset, we are closed to new ideas, intuitive guidance, and inspiration - the very thing that will lead us to experiencing our fullest power as business women, to attain success as we define it.


2) She lets terror rule. The younger or less evolved parts of ourselves aren't able to separate feelings from identity. So when we embody these aspects, we think we ARE our feelings. We think because our first business failed (and we felt rejected), we'll never be successful business women. Or because we have been through so much trauma, it will stop our success in the future, every time. Underlying each of these thoughts is terror. We're terrified that we'll never experience entrepreneurial success as we've always dreamed it. We're terrified that we'll never heal from the impact of trauma, and that this uncontrollable force will ruin our efforts at success every time. This stops many women from moving forward, from even bothering to continue to try.


3) She is thrown about and bashed around by collective conscience energy. There's a reason why only 10% of North Americans earn over $100,000 per year: most people buy into beliefs that limit success. They complain about taxes. They gripe about the price of gas. They work at jobs that demand so much of them, all they have energy for at the end of the day is staring at the TV. When we aren't carefully monitoring our thoughts about money, we are influenced by thoughts most people around us think. In this day and age, that ain't good.

It's time to heal your Inner Poor Girl, Dearest. Grow her up. Tall - like really really tall. Higher than most of the population to allow what you say you want in life to materialize in physical form before your eyes.

Believe it's possible, because it IS.


Gina Silvestri