What you have inside of you is far too beautiful to be held down by fat-shaming, Dearest. 

I almost didn't post this photo of me....I was too afraid of what people would say, because I've gained weight again.

Thunder thighs. "Extra Large." Big Lady. You know the drill....

THEN, I remembered that I decided long ago, to give my life to this.

Women loving themselves - their bodies, their hearts, their spirits, their missions, their choices past and present - No. Matter. What.

Me loving myself - my body, my heart, my spirit, my mission, my choices past and present - No. Matter. What.

********The reason I do anything, and everything, is right here, in this photo.*******

This connection to nature that I live for,

because it shows me my infinite power, and reminds me, every day, in its strong, solid, incomparable and absolutely immeasurable beauty,

that it never, ever, ever, ever, EVER goes away.

No matter how many horrible things I say to myself, about the way I look, or the way I should look - this power inside of me, this solid unshakable beauty inside of me - never ever EVER goes away.

I'm still this fucking beautiful. I still have the power to overcome, to tap into my true essence, and choose to start again.

To love myself HARD, starting again, right now.

To hold on HARD to this, and love myself during any new moment that arises when I feel like letting go ...

giving into the old, comfortable fat-shaming.

The abusive, bullying song that most of everybody else is singing.

No thank you.

I choose to make what I say my truth, not what everyone else has put, or continues to try to put into my head.

Me, just me.

I am the author and authority of my body.

Nobody else.

Just like you are the author and authority of your own body, Beautiful.

We can choose to own that, right now - or get blown away like these frittering autumn leaves.

Still beautiful, still connected to the whole, always - just a life run by someone else's opinions, decisions, expectations.

I'm saying fuck that. I'm saying YES to facing the thing that terrifies each of us more than anything instead:

this infinite, endless, power inside.

The one that never goes away.

The one we were assigned simply by being born.

Our birthright.

I know its beauty, I see it inside you too - no matter what you say or do or how you choose to behave - and I'm holding this space here for you -

until you know it, too.


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