This morning I felt a big ball of “nah just skip it you don’t need to write this morning, you can go run your errands instead. Think of how much time you’ll save.”


COUGH COUGH BLECKKK <—that's the hairball that *almost* got stuck in my throat this morning.


Seriously, if I gave into that nonsense everyday (which I’m sorry-not-sorry, most people living mediocre lives do),


I wouldn’t be contributing to making a real difference in women’s lives every day.


I wouldn’t see client after client step into their true personal power, build a business empire they fucking love that changes lives in the exact way they are meant to (or tweak the one they have already) and see the money that results from this FULL ON ALIGNMENT in their actual bank account.


The way I see it, my only job is to keep these hair balls in check....and remember,


remember remember REMEMBER

(did I mention *remember*?)


that every time a hair ball (aka resistance) shows up, it means there’s something really powerful on the other side.


Whether you love writing as I do, or your thing is meditating or singing or bike riding or dance, showing up to move that hair ball through my writing writing writing (or riding riding riding) until it passes is 100% mandatory to success.


Like this morning for example, I stuck my nose up at the resistance telling me to skip journaling, told it to fuck off and picked up my pen.




I resolved something I’d been working at trying to figure out for years ...since 2013.


It had to do with my ex-boyfriend, money, my pattern with men and money, and of course right down to the core of issues with my biological father...


...but that story is for another time.


Right now you need to *REMEMBER* that when things gets hard,


and you choose to stay true to you, your mission,


telling the fears, 


the old limiting insecurity mindset you grew up with and the self-sabotage bullshit you picked up out of habit 


telling them all EXACTLY WHERE TO GO


You step more strongly into your power than ever.


So don’t you forget what’s on the other side, Girl!






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MindsetGina Silvestri