healing woman.jpg

I remember the day I stuffed my crisp, hard-edged corporate skirt suits,blouses and blazers into garbage bags like it was yesterday.

They may as well have been army uniforms, that's how constricting they felt, squishing my soul until I tossed them into the giant donation bins, and listened for the echoing slam of the huge steel doors - like prison cells.

SLAM . . . into my freedom. 

And really, I've never felt so free, so right, so aligned (though I didn't know what the heck that word meant exactly at the time!).

Then this question started dancing across my mind straight away:

Why did it take me so long?

Not only did I ask myself this, but woman after woman, who approaches me for mentor support, ask themselves the same thing.

If we know we have something inside of us, something that will make us SO HAPPY, feel so creative, and proud of ourselves - why on earth do we wait so long to step into it?

What I've learned since swinging open the door to full-time entrepreneurship in 2009, is that we do this because of resistance.

The same part of our brain that keeps us blinking our eyes and remembering to go to the bathroom (gross, I know) is the same part of us that resists ALL change in life.

According to this lizard brain part of us, ALL change is a direct threat to our survival.

If we change one thing, like our ideas of who we are as a person and how we make money, we might not keep blinking our eyes, or remember to breathe  . . . at least that's how the fearful thinking goes.

This is where mindset work is most useful.

We learn how to re-program these archaic parts of our thinking, and upgrade it to the thoughts we need to have now, in order to become the "out there" entrepreneurs, the healers that we really want to be.

This does not mean giving up all essential functions at all - of course not, right?

Just because we are learning new ropes, the ones that teach us to fend for ourselves in the world, and create our own paychecks, doing what we love, does *not* mean we are saying NO to everything structure, or everything directing our basic human survival and function.

To our brain, it feels like we're saying no to everything. We know we are only saying no to SOME of the programming, the money-making ways that we've been believing and practicing SO LONG, that they *feel like* basic survival functioning, yet they're not at all.

Resistance to change is strong STRONG - so we need to gather all of our WONDER WOMAN strength to tear the two functional commitments wreaking conflict inside of us apart.

Separate the essential archaic commitments we will never give up (like breathing, blinking, toileting) then kick the structures DOWN, those ones that have ruled us, telling us that the ONLY way to make money is from a job for so long, so automatically we didn't notice for decades. 

A snake can't shed her skin unless she's willing to, Gorgeous.

Her first shedding feel weird as hell, then she barely notices the next ones, they become so easy.

Are you willing to break the mould? 

Push through, to emerge the realest of REAL, you?

Gina Silvestri