YOU write the story of how you feel about your body . . . *NOBODY ELSE*

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It's summer time in the North and chances are you're walking around with your shoulders hunched a lot of the time, eyes down to the ground...WHY?


Because you're carrying an extra pound or two...maybe even 10, 15, 50...or 100.


Or you think that your body needs this toning or that tucking or this firming.


Comparing ourselves to billboard models (and now Instagram models) is *still* a thing!


You may not even realize you're doing it . . .


This pattern of "I'm not good enough" runs deep in the collective female consciousness,


and there's only ONE way to break it:


you simply refuse to buy into it.


Tell yourself a different story about your body,


how it's supposed to look, and


how you're supposed to feel about it.


Because you're the one who's writing the script to your life show.


YOU were given the pen . . . nobody else.


So what will you do with it?


XO Gina


(Artwork: The painting above is by Jin Yong of Tess Holliday, the amazing plus-size model who's changing the face of mainstream modelling ... you *must* check her out!!!)


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Gina Silvestri