3 Keys to Hiring A Business Coach or Healer . . . without getting scammed

3 Keys to Hiring A Business Coach or Healer . . . without getting scammed!


3 Keys to Hiring A Business Coach or Healer. . . without getting scammed!

The coaching marketplace is bigger than ever, and growing every day.

Like any industry, this means the number of bad oils, or "snake oil" purporting to be someone they are not, rises.

There are coaches who just work for money, and will do anything (like lie or manipulate) to get it.

There are coaches who do not genuinely care about your progress or well-being.

There are coaches who will say they will get you XYZ results, when really they don't have the skill or experience or talent necessary to do so.

This is why must be wise and smart when hiring coach.

Investments are not cheap, so make them wisely.

Here are three ways to weed out the bad apples and increase the chances you'll be connected to a coach who will move your business forward in ways that make you feel fulfilled and pleased with their service.

1) Speak to references + trust your gut.

If you enjoy the coach's posts/videos/audios online, and have a good gut feeling when you watch them, then it's time to take the next step.

Instead of just reading testimonials or reviews on websites and social media, reach out to them. 

Send them an email or invite them on a phone call to interview them about what it's like working with the coach.

Keep in mind that fear (sometimes even terror) happens when watching business coach's content.

This is because they are expanding your consciousness, and blowing up any old beliefs in you that are in the way of your success.

We call this "being triggered" in the industry. Different from feeling bad (and only getting weird feelings when reading or watching their stuff), it's always accompanied by a feeling of excitment too.

So if you don't feel excited in addition to any of the normal triggering feelings, find a different coach.

2) Check your expectations.

"What if they don't end up helping me as I expect them to?" is a concern I hear often in the business coaching world.

This question is laden with red flags. Sometimes, we can fall into hope we had as children, that our coaches will fix everything in our business for us.

The most empowered perspective, however, is 100% responsiblity for choices and results.

Handing over full responsibility for your business to anyone is dangerous because you hand your power over to them - and in that process, forget where your most valuable resources are: inside of you.

3) "Ground" all marketing promises.

"What if I don't get what was promised?" is another question I often hear.

Be sure to examine the wording of any marketing with a fine tooth comb, both your own and coaches you are hiring.

Extreme, ungrounded examples are:

"You will make a million dollars in your first year if you take my business coaching program."

"You will make $1,000 within 24 hours of hiring me as your business coach."

These are unrealistic claims that are untrue.

Yes, both examples are possible. What makes them untrue is guaranteeing it.

Business coaches can *never* guarantee results, because it is a partnership.

That means the coach guides, and instructs coachee - in my case with options for action steps,

but if coachee does not complete the action steps, nothing results.

Certainly not a million dollars in the first year of business. Definitely not $1,000 in the next twenty-four hours. 

The Highest Perspective When Hiring A Business Coach

The most valuable thing I've learned by hiring mentors for 20+ years, is that staying open to possibility is everything. There have been so many times that I've hired a mentor and walked away with something completely different than what I expected upon hiring them. Every time I can think of, what was learned was worth far more than the money I handed over - if not priceless.

Gina Silvestri