THE MONEY PROBLEM DETOX: 100 Days to More Profit + More Love (for Female Entrepreneurs) by Gina Silvestri

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Are you tired of having an "on-again, off-again" relationship with the money you make in your business?

Is your confidence being WORN DOWN by committing, then not committing ... committing, then backing off A-GAIN and A-GAIN?


If you're ready to get rich, in a way that feels good - letting go of all ICKY FEELINGS with money + being EXCITED + EMPOWERED + in LOVE with money.

Read these every day for 100 days + watch old money thoughts and problems drop from your life, making room for more money in your bank account.


Because any other money thought patterns kill entrepreneurial spirits and business lives.

So what is the answer?


Momentum saves lives.

+ immersion into good momentum makes you rich.


Yes I'm talking about thick bank accounts,

but I'm also talking about your heart, your spirit, your SOUL.

What's the point of having money if you're not fulfilled on all levels, right?


That's *exactly* how my money story started out, too.


On March 16, 2014 I was in my friend's art supply room, on the floor where I was sleeping. My fiancee had just announced two days prior that he had slept with someone else, and he wanted to explore that relationship, so he'd be shipping my things from LA because our engagement was off.

My business was making ZERO money at the time, because we had decided to focus on his business, until we were married and I officially moved to LA. So, I was 100% reliant on his business, and when he ended the relationship, I was not only cut off from all income, I had zero savings.

I emailed and called everyone I knew, though I'd lost touch with most people because we were spending so much time in LA, and I was born in Toronto so still relatively new to the area. Some of the contacts I reached out to felt so embarrassing, I barely knew them - but I was desperate. I didn't want to leave BC, I came for the mountains and I was becoming somewhat of a stranger to my family back home too, I'd been travelling away so long....I was suspended between all my familiar worlds....into an unfamiliar nothing zone!

To my delight and surprise a friend offered to trade light housecleaning and some childcare for rent. 

And that's how I ended up in his art supply room .  . . and it was in that very room that I generated $30,000 in sales in my coaching business, in one week.

Let me be clear: before this point, the maximum total monthly sales in my business was $3000, over a whole month - that's $750 a week - and, that was only one month. My usual monthly total sales hovered around $250-$1500.

There's only ONE thing to explain this seemingly "magical" jump in sales, and total overhaul of my life, and that is the content I created for you right here, in this 100 Days to Money Love email series.

I don't even know how to put it into a paragraph or a letter or even a book right now .  . .  the truth is, it's about changing your energy, the substance that makes up what's inside of your cells right now.

Every single one of the billions and billions of them  . .  .  which, takes a little time.


Let's do this  . . . 


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