Heyyy Magical Business Lady!!! 

Are you ready to light your business on fire with passion to create more profit, soul first?

I'm Gina Silvestri, your Passion-to-Profits Mentor + I'm soooooooo excited to meet you!!!

When I first started this business in 2009, I had no idea what was possible for me.

After 18 years, I just left my government career, to follow my soul.

I know riiightttttt - WHA???

That's what everyone in my life said too. 

The thing is, creativity was BURSTING OUT from inside of me. I felt like I was blocking the core creative essence of my womanhood, as I sat at that desk job.  I knew I had so much more to give, that there was much, much more to receive in life, and I was tired of working for someone else, forcing myself to get out of bed, only to arrive at an office I didn't like, day-in, day-out - for hardly any pay increase, no less!

I didn't know anyone who was ready to "fly the coop" like I was, so as soon as I met my new friend Daniella, I took the leap. We started travelling together - and my childhood dream of speaking and writing came true. 

My business was born on those travels. It started with a blog in 2009, evolved into people contacting me asking if I would mentor them, then blossomed into this mentoring business.

It wasn't always easy. Becoming an entrepreneur meant giving up the security of my solid government career - but because I never gave up, and I listened to the intuitive messages from my soul as I navigated the early years of my business, I eventually made enough money to support myself, then enough to truly thrive. That's when I really discovered what running a soul-led business was all about.

The evolution never stops. In 2014, my previous fantasies and dreams were blown out of the water when my coaching business brought in $30,000 of sales in one week. 

One week!

I share this not to brag, rather to show you what's possible.

If I did it, so can you - there is always a way, when you're willing to let your soul lead, and take action to follow it!

More passion, more profit begins with saying YES to leading your business with your soul first.

Are you ready?!

xo Gina

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