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Helloooo Fellow 10K Warrior Goddess,

Are you ready to change your relationship with money so you can bring in your first or next $10,000 sales month?

My name is Gina and I help women create BIG BIG BANK in their business.


Because I know what it's like to struggle. My total business revenue was $250/month when I first started 2009. I wore my winter jacket inside while I worked because my ex-boyfriend refused to turn on the heat. My whole life seemed to be dictated by other people's decisions and desires - until I created BIG BIG BANK for myself.

That's when EVERYTHING changed for me.

So why $10,000?

It's the magic number for any business.

Creating your first $10,000 sales month is like breaking in a new pair of shoes. At first it's uncomfortable, then it's so painful (gruelling, even) and you doubt it will ever actually happen, it hurts so much! You want it bad enough, though, so you don't give up. You keep wearing them and wearing them and wearing them, until one day, they "break in." At last! You did it. You feel confident and comfortable in your new world.

$10k is the marker for this "new world" in business. Getting to your first $10k is toughest, but once you've broken in, it's easier to move up, up UP from there.

Let me be clear, "MAGIC" isn't easy, especially not at first .... when consistent dedication, persistence, overcoming obstacles, and smart strategy is applied, it is simple though, and it works.

I'm not talking about mainstream "one size fits all" strategy, either. The kind of strategy that has you following 1-2-3 step formulas. Those cookie cutter formulas business women invest money on daily because they sound good and promise results, but get you nowhere because they aren't actually paying attention to the uniqueness of YOU!

What I teach is INTUITIVE STRATEGY. Tailored to you. And even though I guide you, ultimately, it emerges from you. The core of you.


Are you ready to Get Wealthy Woman, from the inside out?

   xo Gina


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